High blood pressure

Why do we have high blood pressure?

Our body functions in blood. When some parts of our body are short of blood, our heart has to raise the pressure to transport blood to the parts where there is short of blood. So high blood pressure is the effective way for our body to transport blood to all our body parts.

High blood pressure has risks if there is something suddenly happens to the person who has high blood pressure.

If this pressure has been pushed down with pills, it is not hard to think what could happen for our body parts where more blood is needed.

However, both ways have positive and negative parts, which is the best?

The spring is coming

The spring is coming. People with allergy will have some problems at this season.

There are a lot of explanations about why you have allergy in spring, but I think the allergy in spring is because your body is trying to do something good for you.

If only we could help our body do what our body wants to do. The allergy problem could be gone.

Having some pills to stop the symptoms, you have to have them every year. Later, it would not work anymore.

Truth of organ failure

Our body functions in blood. When one organ can not function, the reason is that there is not enough blood that can circulate into this organ anymore, which causes the failure of this organ.

Why cannot enough blood go to different organ? There are two main reasons. One is that there is not enough blood. The other is that blood vessels are blocked so that blood cannot flow to that part of body.

Even though we do not have enough blood, the blood vessels are okay to go through, organ is still able to work.

What blocks the blood vessels? Waste!

We are the best doctors of ourselves

Who could know our body better than ourselves, doctors? no, they are the persons who can read different kinds of reports. They do not have the chance to know special you and me.

To help our physical problems, we have to know our body well, then we will be the doctors of ourselves. We will be the best doctors of ourselves because who could know our body better than ourselves.

Any sickness has a reason. Bacteria, virus, cell failure could be one of them, definitely not all. If our body is strong enough, bacteria, virus could not defeat our body.

It is our body energy level that decides if we are healthy or not.

Food is the resource of body energy. The problem is if our body can use the food efficiently, but why not?