Why a sensitive body is relative healthy

Just think that a group of people go out together and eat something bad. Who is more healthy to react to this bad food, the first one or the last one?

Obviously it is the first one who is more healthy because he reacts so quickly. His immune system is in such an alert state that as long as something bad is in- taken, body reacts at once.

Imagine those who do not react at all, are they healthy or they are just numb? Their immune system is so blunt. Why? Because energy level of body is so low.

With that, it is not so hard to understand why nearly all the cancers are found in the later stage because body has not the energy to let you know, your body is not sensitive anymore.

Our health is in our hands

For so many years, I had tried so many ways to gain health according to conventional medicine. The result was not that charming.

Thanks to my Chinese background, I began to read TCM by myself. To my big surprise, it helped me a lot. Step by step, my knowledge of TCM is getting more and more.

With the help of this knowledge of TCM, my health is getting better and better. After nearly 15 years studying of TCM, especially recent three years observing my own body, I have known so much about human body.

Our body is so fantastic, so creative and so capable. No one and nothing in the world loves us more than our body, but it seems that we never care about our body enough.

It is not because we do not want to care about our body. The biggest problem is that we do not know our body at all.

As long as we know our body more, our health is in our hands. What doctors know about us is our blood test and X-ray.

Comparing with our fabulous body, doctors can do very little good to us. It is wise for us to keep distance away from them in my opinion.

The wrong time for excises

Physical activities are supposed to be good for health, but it is not so good if you do it at a wrong time. The wrong time is the evening or night.

Human body is just like the universe. The evening should be the time for our body to be calm down to prepare to get some rest for the next day so that you could manage to do what you want to do physically. This is our body’s rule.

If we obey this rule, our body should be able to do a lot we desire to do. Otherwise we will find that we do not have the energy to do something we want to, or we do not feel so good.

When we feel like that way, which shows that energy of our body is very low and it is the time to care about our body.

Under this circumstance, the best we can do for our dear body is to get to sleep early, instead of doing some physical activities in the evening.

Breast lump

Ten years ago, a lump was found in my right breast and I had it cut. Eight years later, by accident, a bigger lump was found nearly in the same place of my right breast.

I did not want to cut it any more, instead, I decided to deal with it myself. Quite a few ways of TCM had been tried and neither of them worked well. Why? I have been wondering about this for a long time until one day I realized that my energy level is something that really matters.

To raise energy level!

When my energy level was getting better, I began to feel something in the lump area, which explained why I had not felt anything before until it became so big and was found out by an accident. I could feel something based on that my energy was strong enough to go there.

On the contrary, I had not felt anything before because my energy was so weak to let me know any feeling.

Energy is the key issue of health.

A lovely news

October 2014, I went to visit a fried in China. She has a daughter who was 15 years old. Every morning the girl looked so unhappy, but in the afternoon, she was okay.

Later I have talked to the girl and gave her some ideas about how to take care of herself and she was fascinated with what I said about health and would like to try as I told her.

Today, I talked to my friend on phone and asked her about her daughter. My friend said that her daughter is in very good mood in the morning now and loses some weight while she did not control her food in taking at all.

What I asked her to do is just to go to sleep before ten clock in the evening and take care of one meridian.

Could it be difficult? Isn’t it a lovely news?