A story from a friend

My friend’s friend was so desperate to have a child. But she could not get pregnant through natural way. The couple went to do IVF. They had tried a few times, still nothing happened.

For the last hope, they came to seek some help from a Chinese doctor. The doctor knew that it is hard for white people to drink the extract of different herbs due to the taste. So he suggested the lady to consume only something warm, not cold food, not cold drinks and not even cold fruit. She could eat cooked fruit if she really wants to have fruit. In five years, she should be able to get pregnant naturally.

Because she was so desperate to have a child and the other ways failed, the lady did strictly as she was told by the Chinese doctor. Two years later, she was pregnant naturally.

Know your body 5: to test the body temperature

The normal body temperature is around 36 degrees. Let us wonder whether each part of our body can reach this temperature or not.

The simple way to do this is to put your tongue over your hand and then feel how it is like. After this, you put your hand into some water with 36 degrees and then feel. You would find that water with 36 degrees is warmer than your tongue. Based on this, it is not so hard to draw a conclusion. It is not each part of our body that can reach normal temperature.

I am talking about lower temperature than 36 degrees.

So many people suffer from cold hands and feet. Obviously, their hands and feet cannot reach the body temperature.

However,Some of them can feel the coldness of their hands and feet. The others do not feel cold at all. Those who could not feel the coldness in their hands and feet are in bad health situation.

To warm up your cold hands and feet, you have to take care of your stomach system. Our body temperature comes from our stomach.