Cause of headache 2

A Chinese friend who has diabetes does not believe in TCM at all. His family and my family are quite close so we contact very often. He thinks it is good to have some pills from conventional medicine to have his diabetes under control.

TCM seems like some old trash in his eyes. But he knows that those pills can only control his blood sugar. He feels that his health condition is getting worse and worse.

Once I went to visit them and asked him how he was. He shook his head. Before, after physical exercises, he felt better. In spite of body weight or blood sugar, everything worked well with physical exercises. But now he felt weak and physical exercises gave him headache. He did not know what to do to help his body.

I told him that the headache after physical exercise was not related to his diabetes. It was because he went out while he was sweating on his head. This reminded him that he did go out of the room directly into outside while he was sweating on his head.

From a cold environment to a warm environment, our body needs some time to get used to. It is the same from a warm environment to a cold environment. Our body also needs some time to do the adjustment.

The better health you have, the better ability you have to do this adjustment.

If our body has not enough time to do the adjustment, problem could occur. That part exposed most should be the first to be felt. So it is easy to understand why headache happens when he went out with sweating on his head.

Cause of headache 1

Winter of 1999 was the first winter we spent in Sweden. Being here for a few months, we did not know much about this country, including the language of Swedish.

However, we can manage because nearly all Swedish people can understand and speak English, which made us more lazy to learn Swedish.

One day, we wanted to go someplace by bus without knowing that there were two lines of this bus. One went to a place and the other line went to another place. We had to check on front of bus where it showed destination of the bus.

Not knowing that, we took a bus and came to a destination that was not where we wanted to go. Anyway, we came off. It was cold and I had to carry my daughter who was more than two years old by that time( she just wanted me to carry her).

On this cold day, having walked nearly half hour without a hat on my head(my husband and daughter had hats on), we finally came to a McDonald and went into McDonald at once.

That night, I began to have very bad headache. The whole head was in such a horrible pain. I am not a person who is so sensitive to pain, but that pain was just too much to stand. My husband suggested me to have pain killer pills. In the beginning, I did not want. It was too much to put up with so I had to have the pain killer pills. But the pain was still there, it was as strong as before.

The next day, I went to see family doctor and explained to her how horrible the headache was. Family doctor sent me to a further examination. CT showed nothing was wrong with my brain.

Nevertheless, the headache was going on and doctor did not know what medicine to give me based on that the pain killer pills had not helped me and nothing wrong was found out through CT.

During the night, the pain was still very bad. Without knowing what to do to get rid of the horrible headache, I asked my husband to massage my head for some time. He just pushed on my head around ten minutes. Afterwards, I felt better. At least I could stand. After a few nights’ painful headache, eventually I had a good sleep. With that encouraging, later, I did massage my head myself as well. Gradually, the headache was gone. That was 1999. By that time, I did not know the reason why I had that horrible headache at all.

It was 2012. After learning TCM and observing my own body for a few years, I thought about that horrible headache and connected the headache with the long walking in cold.

It was not a problem to do the long walking in cold. The mistake was that I did long walking in cold without a hat on and then for a sudden went into a warm room, which caused that horrible headache. The reason was that my body had no time to get used to the sudden warm environment, which led to that horrible headache.

The headache was gone, but the cold stayed in my head until 2012 when my body began to have energy to take care of that problem, I experienced cold air blowing while sweating on my head. It came and went for a few cycles.

Blood sugar/ experiences of cold 4

The other friend, P is my class mate. She wears two or three lays clothes during summer and her hands are cold all the time. She told me that her feet are cold all the time as well.

Because of her very bad PMS, once she asked me how Chinese medicine helps people with PMS. I did give her some ideas, but it is so hard to find some herbs here in Sweden. She did want to try those herbs to help her relieve PMS because all the other ways she could find did not work.

We often talk a lot during lunch time. I saw her eat fruit as lunch nearly every day. One day, one of our classmates took some home baked biscuits for us to have a taste. P said she could not eat because she has high blood sugar. I told her that her stomach system is cold, which is why she has cold hands and feet all the time and high blood sugar as well.

She stared at me just like I was drunk.

Anyhow, I asked her to do a little test. The test is to put same amount of sugar in two cups of water. The difference of these two cups of water is the temperature. One cup is with cold water that she often drinks and the temperature of the other cup of water is 36 degree, body temperature. She can stir these two cups of water and see in which one the sugar melts quickly.

A few days later, I was surprised to see her drink warm water. She told me that she remembered in her culture in older time, people used to drink warm water as well. Just with the fluency of western, people began to drink cold. After hearing what I suggested, she did try to drink warm and eat warm. Then she kept on going to toilet and she began to understand what I said about body energy and throwing waste and so on. About the little test, she told her husband that I had said she has a cold stomach. Her husband laughed at that since he never heard a concept so called cold stomach. When she explained to him the test, he thought it is very convincing.

It takes a long time for anyone to develop into diabetes. First, your body energy is getting lower and lower. Then symptoms of diabetes begin to show up. In the beginning, blood sugar is high. In the later stage, complications appear.

One of the complications of diabetes is that wound in legs is hard to heal. You do not feel much of this open wound because body energy could not go there at all. Like paralyzed people, they do not have feeling in the part that is paralyzed even though you hit that area. It is the same reason.

It takes long time from the stage that you do not feel much in certain area of your body to the stage that you do not feel anything at all. It is a long process and this process is up to our body energy.

Cold food and drink cost more body energy to warm up first so that they can be digested, absorbed. Each part of this process needs body energy to do it and each part of this process could have problem.

No matter what problem it could be, the reduced body energy is the key issue for you to have diabetes, furthermore other health concerns.

Blood sugar/ experiences of cold 3

I have two friends. One is from China and the other is from Thailand. Both of them have high blood sugar, but it is not the time for them to have some medicine yet.

Chinese one, F is very close to me. She is doing very heavy exercises to lose weight. She did lose some weight, but it is far away from her goal. We often go out together. Seeing her drinking so much cold water (She is afraid of hot, but seldom have sweat), I told her to drink warm water to lose weight. At the same time, I explained to her why she should drink warm water to lose weight. I know she does not believe in me. Anyway, I want her to try one week and see how her body reacts.

While she was drinking warm water and having warm food, I want her to be aware of two things. One thing she should pay attention to is her urinate. If she could do in one week totally, drinking warm and eating warm, her urinate should be in bigger amount with darker color than it used to be. The other thing she should be aware of is that her urinate should smell a lot, which really shows that her urinate is in a good quality; her body is really throwing some waste out through urinate.

I do not think she believes me much but she promised me that she would try one week and see how it goes.

After this, I nearly forgot about it until next time we met at my home, it should be two months later. She looks better and did lose some weight in a good way. I mean while she was doing heavy exercises, she did lose some weight, but frankly speaking, I think she looked a little bit worn out. However, this time, she looks lighter and shining with some sweating. She could not have sweat for a long time. Then she told me that I am right. After trying one week, she noticed that her urinate came out a big amount with darker color and smelled much.

Then, I understand why she is shining on her face and why she looks good. Her looking this time is so different from the worn out looking before.

It is not the warm drink or warm food that made this shining and good looking. It is the regained energy that body saved made this remarkable difference.

To be continued

Our great body 9

My sister in law used to be a farmer. In north part of China, one year, there is only one harvest. For the farmers, the mainly hard work begins from April till middle of September and then left part of the year is the holidays for them.

She was always complaining that she had poor fortunate based on that as long as she began to have holidays during the late autumn and winter, some health problems appear so that she could not enjoy herself but to stay at bed or go to see doctors. However, in spring or summer, while doing hard farming working, she was totally okay even though that work is so hard. Her body had not any problems to handle the hard work.

What she did not know is that in spring or summer, her body consumed most of her body energy to do the farming work. There is not much left to do the body maintaining job, like taking care of the health problems. Just when farming working is finished, her body began to look after health issues when her body energy is not consumed so much at the late autumn and winter, which is why she did not feel so well. This discomfort feeling came from the problem solving.

Later in Sweden, my best friend, she is a doctor, a surgeon. During giving births to her two sons, because of the anesthetic she has low back pain. While staying at home, she was complaining all the time about her low back pain.

When she began to work, once I asked her how her low back pain was like. She was smiling and said since she began working, her low back was nearly gone. But it will come back as long as she has a few days holidays at home relaxing, the low back pain will call at her on time.

When working, she is so busy with the operations and this work requires highly concentration. Her body spent her energy to do the job. There is not much left to deal with the low back problem. However, having holidays at home, relaxation does not cost so much energy so that her body has energy to look after the low back problem. The pain is caused by the problem solving.

Another friend began to feel short of air at the age of 42. She explained her short of air. As long as she is moving around, in another word, as long as she is doing something, she does not feel short of air. Only when having nothing to do, she began to have short of air problem. In this case, in order to avoid her short of air problem, she has to make her schedule so full of activities till she is too tired to move, which is the time for her to go to bed.

This energy flowing is more clearly explained how our body consumes our body energy. We also can see certain body discomfort is caused by the problem solving of our body, which is why a lot of people have the experiences that when they have holidays, relaxation, their body shows up some pain or itching.

Please let it be and give your body time to do her job. That is our body doing maintaining job for the better functions.

If the problems can be solved as time goes by by our body, we should not have big health issues. Only when our body seldom has chance to take care of problems, difficult health issues could appear. That is the time when our body is totally blunt, not sensitive any more.

My story 8

Madam Chen was at her sixties. When being 40 years old, she got pregnant and gave birth to her son. Not feeling well in her stomach, she went to see conventional doctor and she was found out that she had stomach cancer.

Because her mother and grandmother in her mother side died of cancer soon after operation, she refused to have operation. However, Chinese medicine doctors did not help her either.

In order to live to see her son grow, she began to help herself. After trying different ways based on TCM, she eventually found the way to save herself. That is meridian massage and sleep before midnight. Not only did she cure her own stomach cancer, she also discovered so much about how our body works, which caught my whole attention.

Meridian massage is something that I am familiar with. It was the second time for me to hear that cancer can be cured through meridian massage. Madam Chen is so confident and so sure about it. But I cannot believe her totally for once. I was wondering and would like to try her way and see whether it is like what she said or not.

I have studied so much and learned so much about human body, but still I felt so much confused, especially about my own health, different phenomena happened to my body after taking the medicine, why? so many questions, and so much confusion. Under this circumstance, I began to try the way that Madam Chen was talking about.

After a few years testing, I want to say that I totally agree with Madam Chen. She is a great lady; she inspired me and enlightened me. Our body is so great and so capable! We mistreat our great body so much!

Today, with my own experiences, I want to tell the world our great body is so much capable and health is in our hands as long as we know our body, which is not hard at all, everybody can do it.

My story 7

Not long after that, I began to feel hot and then sweating of my upper body. Sometimes, when sweating came, I could feel the cold air in my face. In the beginning, I thought there was some cold air nearby. When I checked around, there was not cold air blowing at all. I was at home, it was winter and all the windows and doors were closed. Why do I feel cold air blowing? I was lost again.

I am not a person who is easy to have sweating.Why do I have so much sweating? I do not understand.

Anyway, not feeling much in my lump area with the extract of herbs mixture, so much sweating appearing, I was confused once again. In this case, I stopped the herbs medicine treatment.

During the herbs medicine treatment, breath problem and the tiredness of my body did not show up this time. The purpose of this herbs mixture was not to try to solve some body problems, just help body.

Feeling cold, spitting up liquid and other body feelings took place, why? Is it because my body began to deal with the health problems with the help of the herbs? I was not so sure by that time. Anyhow, sweating made me feel uncomfortable and I need to find out the explanation of all.

Thanks to my Chinese background again, I could always find some books through web to give me an answer that I was looking for.

The cold feeling in my body is because my sense is back. My body began to be sensitive again with the help of herbs based on that mixture of herbs is supposed to warm up body. Spitting out liquid is that my body was trying throwing out cold liquid collected in my body. Those other feelings during having these herbs mixture were caused while my body was solving problems. Sweating is the way for my body to drive away the cold and wind collected in my body, which is why I could feel the cold air blowing while I was sweating.

When I stopped taking the herbs mixture, these kinds of feelings lasted a few days more, and then it was gone.

Understanding why my body reacted like what I had experienced, I was wondering whether I should keep on the herbs mixture or not.

During this period of time, I began to read some reports from Madam Chen. It was this Madam who inspired me most.

Lower blood pressure by hand/Our great body 8

The idea of this herbs extract is to give his body(my husband) a hand to take care of the problems collected in his body.

Before he took this extract of herbs, I had told him that his body would react. This reaction will show up with different kinds of forms, maybe feeling pain in certain part of body, or maybe feeling numb, pins and needle. No matter what it is, this body reaction will not last long. They are the signs to show that his body is dealing with some health problems. With my explanation ahead, he was prepared himself a little because I know he is so sensitive to pain.

When taking this extract of herbs, as I expected, he had pain here or there, sometimes feeling quick movement in certain muscles. The good part was that all the reaction did not last long so that he could insist on taking it for a relatively long time, around one month. Eventually, he gave up based on the taste.

Nevertheless, he experienced how our body reacts to when we could give our body a hand, which is why he would prefer to take extract of herbs mixture, instead of the conventional treatment when knowing his colleague died of lung cancer.

Year 2012, he had to go to USA to do something on business. He had been working hard for quite a long time. he has high blood pressure. I thought I should help his body a little with my meridian massage. I told him that the massage could help drop down his high blood pressure. He wondered and would like to have a massage anyway.

I did try to massage his 12 meridians and focused on those blocked parts more. We checked the blood pressure before and after massage. 155/95 before; after 140/ 80, it surprised me too.

I did not think his blood pressure will keep on 140/80 for long with once meridian massage. I was just so amazed how our body reacts as long as she gets a little help. Imagine if our 12 meridians are through well, do we have high blood pressure? I do not think so absolutely.

Meridians of children and young people work well, that is why they do not have high blood pressure because their body does not need raise up the blood pressure to supply fresh blood to body parts.