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My sister in law used to be a farmer. In north part of China, one year, there is only one harvest. For the farmers, the mainly hard work begins from April till middle of September and then left part of the year is the holidays for them.

She was always complaining that she had poor fortunate based on that as long as she began to have holidays during the late autumn and winter, some health problems appear so that she could not enjoy herself but to stay at bed or go to see doctors. However, in spring or summer, while doing hard farming working, she was totally okay even though that work is so hard. Her body had not any problems to handle the hard work.

What she did not know is that in spring or summer, her body consumed most of her body energy to do the farming work. There is not much left to do the body maintaining job, like taking care of the health problems. Just when farming working is finished, her body began to look after health issues when her body energy is not consumed so much at the late autumn and winter, which is why she did not feel so well. This discomfort feeling came from the problem solving.

Later in Sweden, my best friend, she is a doctor, a surgeon. During giving births to her two sons, because of the anesthetic she has low back pain. While staying at home, she was complaining all the time about her low back pain.

When she began to work, once I asked her how her low back pain was like. She was smiling and said since she began working, her low back was nearly gone. But it will come back as long as she has a few days holidays at home relaxing, the low back pain will call at her on time.

When working, she is so busy with the operations and this work requires highly concentration. Her body spent her energy to do the job. There is not much left to deal with the low back problem. However, having holidays at home, relaxation does not cost so much energy so that her body has energy to look after the low back problem. The pain is caused by the problem solving.

Another friend began to feel short of air at the age of 42. She explained her short of air. As long as she is moving around, in another word, as long as she is doing something, she does not feel short of air. Only when having nothing to do, she began to have short of air problem. In this case, in order to avoid her short of air problem, she has to make her schedule so full of activities till she is too tired to move, which is the time for her to go to bed.

This energy flowing is more clearly explained how our body consumes our body energy. We also can see certain body discomfort is caused by the problem solving of our body, which is why a lot of people have the experiences that when they have holidays, relaxation, their body shows up some pain or itching.

Please let it be and give your body time to do her job. That is our body doing maintaining job for the better functions.

If the problems can be solved as time goes by by our body, we should not have big health issues. Only when our body seldom has chance to take care of problems, difficult health issues could appear. That is the time when our body is totally blunt, not sensitive any more.

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I am so much interested in how human body works. With this interest and the help of TCM, I have found the great potential of our body, much more intelligent than the collection of big brains in the whole world. Let more people know they can help themselves when they have health problems, which is my passion.

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