Month: February 2016


I must have had mild PMS before my daughter was born, but I had not paid attention to it much so I was not sure about that. After my daughter was born, my PMS was getting worse. Short of breath, tiredness and bad mood were so common to me. Before period, my temper was getting
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The key point to be healthy

Do not spend too much time in finding out what you eat can help you to be healthy any more. It would not work definitely. What you should care is whether your body has enough energy or not, which is the key point to be healthy. In order that your body has enough energy to
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Doctor uncle Six

In my close relatives, there were three and half doctors. Two uncles in my father side , one was conventional medicine doctor, I called him uncle Six and one was Chinese medicine doctor, I called him uncle One. Uncle Six did very well in medical school and He had worked in a state owned company
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