A story from my family

A long time ago, in China, one of my cousin’s wife was paralyzed. She was carried by her husband to my family to seek some help because my father could acupuncture.

However, she could not be helped by my father through acupuncture. She was treated with another way.

My father picked some animal bones in wild and broke them into small pieces, then the bones were cooked in water. A big basin was filled with the cooked water and a piece of wood was put on the top of this basin covered with a blanket. Then, she, my cousin’s wife was carried on this piece of wood. She was wearing very thin clothes on her legs so that the steam could go to her body as much as possible.

Every day, she sat on this piece of wood to have the steam over her legs for a few hours. Cooked water with bones was kept on pouring into this basin to keep the steaming on. After a few days, she was better.

Eventually, she walked out of my family with her husband and left.

My sister saw all of these and she told me this.