About me

Studying in college, 1986 China.

A boring and intelligent woman
It is easy to raise me and it is so hard to amuse me in my husband’s eyes, an engineer.
She is always right about how to take care of my health, I have to scream
at her to wake her up from the deep thinking of Chinese Medicine; food tastes so good. This is how my daughter thinks of me.
She is sweat when smiling; look grumpy when not being glad, which is how my sister thinks of me.
I feel dull when I am not interested in anything; look charming when I talk about something that I like; fabulous when I explain how human body works .
Could be very interesting or very irritable, why was I like that? This phenomenon confused me first, step of step, lead to a studying of human body from natural perspective.
I pay more attention on relationship between the body energy and productivity, furthermore, the connection of health status and how you feel.

What I found out is that our health is our own hands. What doctors can do is very little and what our body can do is huge. The great thing is that it is not hard at all.