Blood cancer

My third brother was a conventional medicine doctor. Year 2006, I visited him. When seeing him eat a lot of fat of lamb, I asked him if he was worried about his blood fat. He was smiling and told me that he just got it checked. Blood fat level was very normal and it was much better than my sister’s.

My sister’s blood fat level was high. As long as eating some meat for two meals, she will feel dizzy. In that case she has to be very careful with her food. My third brother was also very proud to tell me that his health was very good since for a few years he had not had a cold or fever even though he had to get along with patients so closely every day in his private clinic.

At that time, I did believe that he was strong enough while he was telling me about his health state.

In the beginning of year 2007, he was sick and could not get well with his own treatment. Later he was found out with blood cancer. He felt so bad and looked very bad as well. Anyway he could manage to go to a blood sickness treatment center in a big city, Tianjing China. After finishing all related tests, in the morning he began to have the Chemotherapy treatment. The next day in the afternoon, his wife was informed by doctor that she should prepare herself. The Chemotherapy treatment had to be terminated. From the beginning of Chemotherapy treatment till his death, it was less than three days. He was only 49 years old.

While he was cremated, cremation worker later talked to my nephew and asked my nephew what my third died of (In China, it is common to ask that). Then the cremation worker said that it was not my third brother’s time to be dead yet. My nephew asked him why he thought so. The worker explained that the liquid from burning his body was still yellow, which meant that his body still had chance to be alive, still manageable. When a person’s live comes to an end, liquid from the burning body should be grey.

Today, when looking back, I think at that time when he was found out with blood cancer, his body energy was so low; his body was so exhausted. Under this circumstance, he was treated with Chemotherapy. It is just like that you gave a very good beating to an exhausted man and expected he could work properly. How cruel it is to treat our body this way. The consequence is not hard to imagine.

We often hear that someone had certain cancer but the impression that he gave us was that he was very healthy because he seldom was sick. It was just like my third brother. As matter of fact, we are not sick often, which is not because we are healthy, but because our immune system is not working anymore. In this case cancer cell becomes out of control.

A half doctor—my father

My father’s work actually was welding, but since knowing acupuncture, he used to help village mates with his acupuncture a lot when he was in his thirties and forties( it should be around late 50ties and early 70ties), which is why people in that village called him half doctor.

Because at that time, China was in such a poor condition, nearly shortage of everything, especially in countryside, my father’s acupuncture did help a lot.

I still remember my father took out his little yellow box with acupuncture pins in a hurry and went away with a person who came to my family to ask for my father’s help at middle of night.

It was many years later after we moved away from that village; one of the village mates came to visit my parents and she was talking about that my father saved quite a few people’s life in that village. Most of them were women after giving birth.

We lived in northern part of China. There used to be a big bed made of mud and bricks and this big bed had tunnels under and these tunnels were connected with stove. This big bed is called Kang. Because being connected with stove, it was warm to lie down on it.

This old lady was saying that normally on a Kang, you could often see a new born crying baby, the unconscious woman who just gave birth, my father who was squatted on the Kang, doing acupuncture on this unconscious woman and other worried family members.

The great part was that no one died in my father’s hand. All those unconscious women were saved with my father’s pins.

My father used to say that acupuncture was not that complicated, but what you have to know is how to take care of the dangerous situation. What this dangerous situation was that the person who had pins on his or her body got fainted.

He became good at acupuncture because one of his uncles was very good at acupuncture so he learned from his uncle. To learn acupuncture, you had to be good at different points in human body. There are 365 points in our body. You do not need remember all of those, but some crucial ones you have to remember.

In order to let people keep in mind easily, these points were organized into different groups. Some group is in charge of the problems in stomach system and some group can take care of the pain in back and so on. The basic things you have to do are to remember these rules and at the same time, you have to know where these crucial points are. Of course you have to be able to find them as well.

I guess that my father’s uncle asked him to recite those rules first and then let him to find those points in body. After that, being brave enough, he could put a pin on a body.

When we were small,if we got a a cold or flu, my father used to take out pin package, let out some blood in our fingers, three fingers in each hand and then massaged our arms a little bit. After that, let us sleep. Normally, we got recovered after good rest. I still remember that I began to cry as long as I saw my father take out that pin package.

My father was a vegetarian. In the beginning, he was not a vegetarian. When he was small, he got skin problem and it got worse and worse. His parents took him to different Chinese doctors but the problems could not be solved so later his mother took him to a temple to seek help as his mother was a pious Buddhism. In this temple, a monk told his mother that he should be a vegetarian.

Since then he became a vegetarian and soon his skin problem was gone. My mother used to complain a lot about my father’s food because she had to cook special for him.

During the Chinese culture revolution, he got a lot of troubles as a vegetarian. One of the aims during Chinese culture revolution was against any religions. In my father’s factory, they thought he was Buddhism even though he had explained to them again and again that he was vegetarian because of his health state and it was not because he was Buddhism.

However, they did not believe him and they wanted to try whether what my father had said was true so they cooked lamb meat and let my father eat.

As the only bread maker at home( five children), facing the violent treatment, he gave in. He ate the lamb with tears in his eyes. Soon after that, he threw out all the meat he ate and had diarre. Seeing this reaction of his body, they finally believed that his body could not handle the meat and left him alone eventually.

Before he was seventies, I could not remember he had ever been in hospital.

In Inner Mongolian, there is one saying that you should not do something irregular during the middle day between clock 12 :00 to 14:00 in summer since it is very hot and dry.Your body might not be able to handle the situation that is not regular.

At the age of 74, he had an argument with my first brother and then went home by bike around clock 13:00 in noon while temperature was 38 degrees and it was very dry summer. He was tired and angry. As soon as being home, he laid down instantly.

When waking up, he could not move his right part of body any more. So he was taken to my third brother’s clinic at once to have some treatment. By that time, my sister was with my third brother to have some treatment as well based on her poor health.
My third brother said my father’s blood vessel was so soft, nearly as good as young people under 25 years old while my sister’s blood vessel was so hard. She had so called absolute good nutrition in her diet.

My father did get better and he could feel his right part of body and he could move his right part of body as well soon. The problem is that he began to feel his right part of body cold all the time since the stroke. My third brother gave him a lot of so called advanced conventional medicine to help his blocked blood vessel to get through, it just did not work. Even in hot summer, he felt his half body cold.

This problem had lasted for one or two years. Later, my nephews’ uncle knew some Chinese medicine and suggested my father to have a certain ready made Chinese medicine. This herb ready made medicine is supposed to help stomach system to function better. After he had taken this medicine for two months, my father’s half body coldness feeling was gone eventually.

The last year of his life, he woke up in the morning and then he moved his arms front to back and then left and right. He said that he felt better by doing this. Doctor once told him that his nutrition was so poor and suggested him to eat egg or drink some milk. He did try to drink milk. Very soon he gave up. His stomach felt very uncomfortable with milk.

At age of 86 years old, my father passed away. He had stayed in bed just 11 days before he died. Only once, my first brother had to help him to go to toilet. Otherwise he himself could manage to do. And he was not found anything wrong with his body through the conventional medical equipment.

He was a peaceful man and seldom got angry in my memory. It was my third brother’s death that made him very down. Apart from that, he was cheated when he tried to do some business at early 2000ties, which crumpled him up. Otherwise, I definitely believe he could live to more than 90 years old healthily.

He used o to say that he did not care how he was born but he did wish he could die easily.Dying easily means that he had not suffered much before he died. And he got what he wished.

Remembrance of my father

Mind kidnapped

When working as a teacher of English in Sweden, I asked one of my colleagues to visit me as we got along quite well.

On that day when she came to my home, we talked for a while and had lunch together.It had not been long; however I noticed that she looked very tired so I suggested that she had better have some rest on my sofa and she did.

After 40 minutes, she woke up and felt much better.

We were in the same office. Sometimes she was nice, charming and intelligent. Sometimes it was very easy for her to get irritated and she had very low tolerance. She mentioned that she has some kind of problem, related to psychological.

She often complained that she had neck pain and other physical unwell. Sometimes if not being busy, I would give her a neck massage. She would feel better. If being busy, I would tell her what to do to deal with her physical problem. It will work definitely; I am so sure about it.

Later, I stopped working there. We still contact quite often. Occasionally she called me and asked me what to do with her stomach pain or some other physical discomforts. She normally tried to do what I asked her to do, like pushing certain points and told me later she did feel better.

In this summer, her so called psychological problem got worse and worse, which made her feel so bad and little bit out of control. I asked her whether she would like to visit me so that I can find out what I could do for her because I think her psychological problem is related to her physical unwell. This irritated her very much and she wrote a long email to let me know how her problem could not get better totally from scientific point of view. Medical research, science and a lot of others showed something, etc.

People‘s minds are kidnapped by modern medical research. Conventional medicine becomes so dominant in people’s mind; it is just like the Catholic in 17 centuries. I often see a person looks like a water boll and still drinks a lot of water. The reason why he drinks a lot of water is because scientific research showed that it is good to drink water and water can help kidney to clean up. We can do a little test: put water into washing mashing without turning on, see what happens, nothing.

As a matter of facts most of physical discomforts and psychological problems can be helped by us through having rest, food, avoiding doing something in certain time or doing some simple massages.

But people do not believe that it could be like this and they believe in science and science is struggling for finding convincing results that could stay long.

Do another little test: draw a line between your two nipples and push the middle point, those who are not well often or feel depressed will have pain there. Those who have heart problem will have sharp pain there. Ask a question: why?

Be healthy through helping your body

No any expert, professor or doctor can explain exactly how our body heals a wound but our body must know exactly the way she heals a wound.

Normally when it takes long time for our body to heal a wound, there must be a difficult sickness behind and it takes time to find out. This is what we know. What we do not know is why it is like that.

Look at the picture above, what fantastic human body can do is beyond our imagination, but what we know about her is very limited.

We are all so different from each other.To understand special you, you have to work on your special body. No one can know your body better than yourself. What you need is just to pay attention to your body daily. Then you will know your body better and you gain some knowledge about human body. This knowledge can help you to be healthy in a right way.

Autism and ADHD

To help people with Autism, we can focus on taking care of their heart. If their heart feels good, Autism will be disappeared gradually. It is not a psychological problem.

Autism is caused by the physical problem so if we can solve the physical problem, Autism will be gone.

To help children with ADHD, we can focus on looking after their stomach system. If the stomach system is good, ADHD will be gone as well.

No matter it is Autism or ADHD, we can always do something to help them to be better.

Headache 3

Cause of headache 3

When my daughter was 7 years old, we changed her bedroom to a bigger one. This room is in the northern part of our house. Her bed lied in north to south direction and she used to sleep head to north. In this way, her head was close to the window, around 1.5 meters away.

After some time moving into the bigger bedroom, occasionally my daughter was complaining about headache. I did not pay attention too much and wondered whether she knew what headache really meant. Later except complaining about headache, she began to say her neck was in pain.

When she complained more and more, we took her to family doctor. Doctor did check and did not find anything wrong. Based on that my daughter was having glasses, doctor suggested having her eyes checked just in case something is wrong with eyes, which could cause headache and neck discomfort as well.

We also did that. There was nothing new that was found wrong with her eyes. I was not so worried about her. Later I noticed that she always moved around her neck while she was playing or doing something else.

One day while seeing her moving her head around, I asked her why she did that. She said that she felt comfortable to do so. To help her, I did some massage on her head and neck to reduce the pain just like what I did to my horrible headache. After that, she did not complain about her headache and neck pain much anymore.

Then one night, around 2 clock in the morning, she came to me and said she wanted me to sleep with her. So I slept in the outside of her bed and she slept in inside of her bed. While sleeping outside of her bed, I began to feel the cold wind blowing on my head from the window. In the beginning, I tried to ignore that cold wind, but very soon this cold wind made my head feel so cold so I had to stand up to rearrange curtain to cover the windy area. Windows are sealed but obviously not perfectly sealed, there is still little wind coming into room. I could feel it while my head was close to the window, especially when the temperature outside is around minus 10 or even lower degrees.

At that time, I did not connect this cold wind with my daughter’s headache and neck pain. It was after quite a few years learning TCM, then I realized that why my daughter had headache and neck pain while she was sleeping in that room. The cold wind is the only cause to her headache and neck pain. Understanding this, I did something again to her head and neck even though she had not complained about her headache for long. While I was pushing these points connected to wind attacking on her head, she was screaming because of the pain caused by massaging, which is the sign to show that a lot of cold wind stayed in her head still.

According to TCM, the cold wind is very bad to human body. The worst is that you have cold wind blowing on you while you are sleeping, which could interfere body’s function very much. Because during sleeping time, our body energy is dealing with internal maintaining, there is no external protection available, which is why our body is so easy to get hurt from the cold wind even though it is mild.

With this experience, once one of my friends P talked to me about her son’s headache, I thought about the cold wind attacking her son’s head at once. She took her son to family doctor and doctor did not find anything that they could explain why the boy had headache. When P told me this, the first thing I asked her was the arrangement of her boy’s bed room. Knowing that her boy’s headache was caused by the cold wind from the window, I just let P do something on her boy’s head. Her boy’s headache will be gone soon, which I am very sure about it as I know the bottom reason of her boy’s headache.

According to TCM, the five natural phenomena in the universe can cause health problems. These five natural phenomena are wind, cold, wet, dry and heat. Cold wind is the worst one to human body. The great part is that in some of meridians, there are points that deal with different health problems, such as wind, cold attacking to our body. When massaging relevant points of meridians, we can help our body to feel better.

Headache 2

Cause of headache 2

A Chinese friend who has diabetes does not believe in TCM at all. His family and my family are quite close so we contact very often.

He thinks it is good to have some pills from conventional medicine to have his diabetes under control.TCM seems like some old trash in his eyes. But he knows that those pills can only control his blood sugar. He feels that his health condition is getting worse and worse as time goes by.

Once I went to visit them and asked him how he was. He shook his head. Before, after physical exercises, he felt better. It seemed that everything worked well with physical exercises. But now he felt weak and physical exercises gave him headache. He did not know what to do to help his body condition with diabetes.

I told him that the headache after physical exercise was not related to his diabetes. It was because he went out while he was sweating on his head. This reminded him that he did go out of the room directly into outside while he was sweating on his head.

From a cold environment to a warm environment, our body needs some time to get used to. It is the same from a warm environment to a cold environment. Our body also needs some time to do the adjustment.

The better health you have, the better ability you have to do this adjustment.

If our body has not enough time to do the adjustment, problem could occur. That part exposed most should be the first to be felt. So it is easy to understand why headache happens when he went out with sweating on his head.

Why Women Can not Get pregnant

When being small in China, I seldom heard that a woman could not get pregnant.

At that time, life was very hard and living condition was so poor. However, birth rate was high and quality of babies seemed much better than today’s.

Now in China life is easier than before and living condition is quite good. But so many women could not get pregnant naturally. Even through IVF, the successful rate of pregnancy is still very low.

Why is it like this? What is the reason behind?

When I studied The science of public health, the statistics showed in Europe more than 30 percent of women could not get pregnant naturally. It is too high to be believed.

I used to wonder why in Europe birth rate is so low while living condition is much better than a lot of other countries.

Modern medical technology can help to fertilize an egg, but it is hard to keep the embryo develop in a woman’s womb. It requires body energy to retain the developing of the embryo.

Body energy runs through all our body in a form of blood and blood goes better in a warm state so body temperature should play a very important part in low birth rate.

This explains why a woman can get pregnant naturally by just eating and drinking warm, which I have written before.

Function food 2

All food has certain function.

It is the function of food that matters a lot, for instance, beans and milk products can build up gas. But there is also some food that can help us release the gas in our stomach, for example:fennel.

We are all so different from each other. If you pay close attention to your food in-taking and see how your body reacts to this food, you will notice what your body likes and what your body does not like.

It is not because of the vitamin or mineral contained in the food that are important but the function of the food, which our body can make good use of.

Those who have a sensitive stomach can tell a lot about what their body likes or what their body does not like, which is why I have said that they are relatively healthy.

If your health status is in this stage, you can keep your health through eating some food.

What food is best for you? Just try different food and see how your body reacts,then you know what you need.

You are special: No one could know you better than yourself.

Every piece of food has function. This function must be transformed by our body energy. If our body energy is low, the function of food cannot be transformed. Then it becomes a burden to our body.

Now it comes to the key issue for our health, body energy.

When our body energy is low, no matter what you eat, it is just hard to see the good effect.

Allergic to cats

One acquaintance does not like to go to her husband’s parent’s place as she is allergic to cats and her in-laws have a cat.

Once, I asked her what kind of symptoms she has with her allergy. She said that she would keep on sneezing with tears in her eyes and a running nose.

One day, she came to my home and she was talking about her allergy in her in- laws place again.

I was wondering if she has to be close to a cat and then her allergy happens or something else. She said she did not need to be close to a cat to have her allergy. As long as she is in a place where there is a cat, the symptoms for her allergy will appear.

Then I told her we have a cat peacefully, but I did not see her sneeze, not tears in her eyes and not a running nose. She did not believe me in the beginning. Very soon, she saw my cat walking towards his door.

With half her mouth opened, she looked at me and my cat, shocked.

I was joking if she is allergic to her in-laws, which caused her allergy to cats. That is really a point, she laughed. But I am really allergic to cats, she said.