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The wrong time for excises

Physical activities are supposed to be good for health, but it is not so good if you do it at a wrong time. The wrong time is the evening or night. Human body is just like the universe. The evening should be the time for our body to be calm down to prepare to get
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Breast lump

Ten years ago, a lump was found in my right breast and I had it cut. Eight years later, by accident, a bigger lump was found nearly in the same place of my right breast. I did not want to cut it any more, instead, I decided to deal with it myself. Quite a few
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A lovely news

October 2014, I went to visit a fried in China. She has a daughter who was 15 years old. Every morning the girl looked so unhappy, but in the afternoon, she was okay. Later I have talked to the girl and gave her some ideas about how to take care of herself and she was
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High blood pressure

Why do we have high blood pressure? Our body functions in blood. When some parts of our body are short of blood, our heart has to raise the pressure to transport blood to the parts where there is short of blood. So high blood pressure is the effective way for our body to transport blood
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The spring is coming

The spring is coming. People with allergy will have some problems at this season. There are a lot of explanations about why you have allergy in spring, but I think the allergy in spring is because your body is trying to do something good for you. If only we could help our body do what
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Truth of organ failure

Our body functions in blood. When one organ can not function, the reason is that there is not enough blood that can circulate into this organ anymore, which causes the failure of this organ. Why cannot enough blood go to different organ? There are two main reasons. One is that there is not enough blood.
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We are the best doctors of ourselves

Who could know our body better than ourselves, doctors? no, they are the persons who can read different kinds of reports. They do not have the chance to know special you and me. To help our physical problems, we have to know our body well, then we will be the doctors of ourselves. We will
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Gain the sensibility

When your body can tell you about what she likes and what she does not like, then you have less risk to have cancer cell to be out of control.