Lower blood pressure by hand/Our great body 8

The idea of this herbs extract is to give his body(my husband) a hand to take care of the problems collected in his body.

Before he took this extract of herbs, I had told him that his body would react. This reaction will show up with different kinds of forms, maybe feeling pain in certain part of body, or maybe feeling numb, pins and needle. No matter what it is, this body reaction will not last long. They are the signs to show that his body is dealing with some health problems. With my explanation ahead, he was prepared himself a little because I know he is so sensitive to pain.

When taking this extract of herbs, as I expected, he had pain here or there, sometimes feeling quick movement in certain muscles. The good part was that all the reaction did not last long so that he could insist on taking it for a relatively long time, around one month. Eventually, he gave up based on the taste.

Nevertheless, he experienced how our body reacts to when we could give our body a hand, which is why he would prefer to take extract of herbs mixture, instead of the conventional treatment when knowing his colleague died of lung cancer.

Year 2012, he had to go to USA to do something on business. He had been working hard for quite a long time. he has high blood pressure. I thought I should help his body a little with my meridian massage. I told him that the massage could help drop down his high blood pressure. He wondered and would like to have a massage anyway.

I did try to massage his 12 meridians and focused on those blocked parts more. We checked the blood pressure before and after massage. 155/95 before; after 140/ 80, it surprised me too.

I did not think his blood pressure will keep on 140/80 for long with once meridian massage. I was just so amazed how our body reacts as long as she gets a little help. Imagine if our 12 meridians are through well, do we have high blood pressure? I do not think so absolutely.

Meridians of children and young people work well, that is why they do not have high blood pressure because their body does not need raise up the blood pressure to supply fresh blood to body parts.

High blood pressure

Why do we have high blood pressure?

Our body functions in blood. When some parts of our body are short of blood, our heart has to raise the pressure to transport blood to the parts where there is short of blood. So high blood pressure is the effective way for our body to transport blood to all our body parts.

High blood pressure has risks if there is something suddenly happens to the person who has high blood pressure.

If this pressure has been pushed down with pills, it is not hard to think what could happen for our body parts where more blood is needed.

However, both ways have positive and negative parts, which is the best?