Function food 2

All food has certain function.

It is the function of food that matters a lot, for instance, beans and milk products can build up gas. But there is also some food that can help us release the gas in our stomach, for example:fennel.

We are all so different from each other. If you pay close attention to your food in-taking and see how your body reacts to this food, you will notice what your body likes and what your body does not like.

It is not because of the vitamin or mineral contained in the food that are important but the function of the food, which our body can make good use of.

Those who have a sensitive stomach can tell a lot about what their body likes or what their body does not like, which is why I have said that they are relatively healthy.

If your health status is in this stage, you can keep your health through eating some food.

What food is best for you? Just try different food and see how your body reacts,then you know what you need.

You are special: No one could know you better than yourself.

Every piece of food has function. This function must be transformed by our body energy. If our body energy is low, the function of food cannot be transformed. Then it becomes a burden to our body.

Now it comes to the key issue for our health, body energy.

When our body energy is low, no matter what you eat, it is just hard to see the good effect.


Most of people think that obesity is caused by consuming too much food with high calorie. Calories give us energy.

According to this, people with overweight should have more energy. As matter of fact, those who are overweight normally are very easy to get tired and they could not handle much physical work. Isn’t it a contradiction?

At the same time, there is another group of people who eat very little, but they still complain that they are getting heavier. Why is it like that?

A few of Chinese famous actors were saying in public that they could get heavier by drinking water. I am sure that they are not the only ones who feel that way.

I noticed this through my husband. He eats less than I do, but his weight grows quicker than mine. He could manage to do less and less physical work, even it is hard for him to hang up the washed clothes. If he tried his best to do some physical exercises,it will be impossible for him to do something else.

Obesity is caused by low body energy.

The food with high calories is just stored in their body. This food cannot be digested properly; of course it cannot be absorbed properly. The fat is just stored in their body. It is gall that resolves fat. The high calorie cannot be resolved by gall and it cannot be consumed as energy. Then it becomes a burden to our body. Obesity is the consequence.

To those who eat less and still feel that they are getting heavier,they have the same problem, low body energy. All in takings are just built up in their body, which is why they feel heavier.

Doctor uncle Six

In my close relatives, there were three and half doctors. Two uncles in my father side , one was conventional medicine doctor, I called him uncle Six and one was Chinese medicine doctor, I called him uncle One.

Uncle Six did very well in medical school and He had worked in a state owned company until Chinese economic reform began. Then he opened his own practical clinic. He found that he had diabetes in his late thirties.

In his last few years, he went to Chinese doctors to seek help. I still remember that he came to my family and went to a Chinese doctor in another province with my mother because my mother had seen this doctor for a while for a lump in her breast.

My mother’s lump was gone with this doctors’ herb medicine and uncle Six heard that.

He wanted to see this doctor, too because insulin could not help him anymore. It was from him that I heard the word insulin for the first time. That was long time ago.

Anyway, this Chinese doctor did not keep him long. He died of diabetes at age of 42 in 1981.

To be continued

Cancer is not scaring

Cancer is not scaring. The scaring thing is the treatment for cancer.

A lot of us have cancer cells in our body. Only those whose health status is getting worse and worse have cancer cells out of control.

Who could know exactly why certain part of our body has cancer in the first place? No one knows, but our body knows the cause precisely.

It is not that you have cancer first and then your health is getting worse. On the contrary, first of all, your health is getting worse and worse, and then cancer cells become out of control.

In this case, doctors give you operation and chemotherapy! Who or what can heal the wound caused by operation? Everyone knows that it is our body that does that. Chemotherapy is even more scaring.

After these two fatal damaging treatments, you could survive long, which is by chance. If you could not survive long, that is not hard to understand.

It costs so much body energy to take care of the wound caused by operation and it also costs so much to get recovered from chemotherapy. In a lot of cases, our body just cannot make it any more or any longer.

Even though living long enough after the treatments, you could live even longer if you do not receive any treatment because your body can manage more.

If we begin to take care of our body first, sleep at good time, give our body more time to have a good rest, our body can get recovered, trust me!

But no one believes that, they prefer to go to hospital to be cut and to be punched.

I will say I could help you feel better with your cancer if you do not have any treatment from conventional medicine. Most people will think I am ridiculous.

The truth is that I am not ridiculous. I am just one of those persons who have realized that and proved that with the help of TCM.

Nutrition and vitamins

My grandmother in my father side was a pure vegetarian. She believed in Buddhism. She only ate vegetable, nothing related to animals. I still remember she cooked her food in a special wok. Nothing else was cooked but her food.

She lived in time when China was in very bad condition. Anyway, she lived to 75 years old and managed to take care of herself.

At the age of 75, one of her sons fought with somebody. She was so worried and went to see him on foot. She had walked more than two hours. Then after sleeping, she lost her consciousness the next day. A week later, she passed away. Before that, she was totally okay, physically and mentally.

From today’s nutrition’s perspective, she did not have enough nutrition in her diet at all, but her health was great, how could you explain it?

My father was vegetarian as well but he was not Buddhism. When being small, he had impetigo. This problem was getting worse and worse. Local Chinese doctor could not help him. Eventually, my grandmother took him to a temple. A monk suggested that my father should eat vegetable only. His impetigo was gone soon after he began to eat only vegetable. Since then he became a vegetarian. Like my grandmother, he only ate vegetable, nothing related to animals.

At the age of 74, he had an argument with my first brother and then went home by bike in noon while temperature was 38 degree and it was very dry summer. As soon as being home, he laid down instantly. When waking up, he could not move his right part of body any more. So he was taken to my third brother’s clinic at once to have some treatment. By that time, my sister was with my third brother to have some treatment as well based on her poor health.

My third brother said my father’s blood vessel was so soft, nearly as good as young people under 25 years old while my sister’s blood vessel was so hard. She had so called absolute good nutrition in her diet than my father’s, what an ironic consequence it is!

My father did get better and he could feel his right part of body and he could move his right part of body as well. The problem is that he began to feel his right part of body cold all the time since the stroke. My third brother gave him a lot of advanced conventional medicine to help his blocked blood vessel to get through, it just did not work. Even in hot summer, he felt his half body cold.

This problem had lasted for one or two years. Later, my nephew’s uncle knew some Chinese medicine and suggested my father to have a certain ready made Chinese medicine. This herb ready made medicine is supposed to help stomach system to function better. After two months having this medicine, my father’s half body coldness feeling was gone eventually.

At age of 86 years old, my father passed away. He had stayed in bed just 11 days before he died. Only once, my first brother had to help him to go to toilet. Otherwise he himself managed to do. And he was not found anything wrong with him through the modern technology equipment. He was a vegetarian all his life. The idea of nutrition seems weak.

When my daughter was small( before she was 1 year old), she did not eat well. I took her to family doctor and told doctor that she did not eat well. Doctor asked me to give her some children vitamins, two drops a day. I just gave one drop a day.

Later, we went back to China in a summer. It was very hot; she did not eat much, even worse than she was in Australian. In this case, I thought I should give her vitamins two drops a day to keep her nutrition level. So I did. The following day, she had a blood nose. It was the first time that she had blood nose. I had no idea what caused this blood nose, just thought that she lost a lot of blood, I still need to give her two drops of vitamins. So I did. On the same day, she got blood nose again, and it took some time to stop the blood coming.

Why suddenly she had so much blood from her nose. I looked back at what I did to her. There was nothing special for food and there was not much difference from her normal daily activities either.

To a sudden; I thought of the vitamins I gave her. That was the only thing I did to her so differently from the other days. Instantly, I threw that vitamins away.

My grandmother and father lived on poor food and their health was good enough. Vitamins and minerals are important to human life. I am sure no body can live on vitamins and minerals. Why don’t we think about the concept of nutrition?

Our great body 9

My sister in law used to be a farmer. In north part of China, one year, there is only one harvest. For the farmers, the mainly hard work begins from April till middle of September and then left part of the year is the holidays for them.

She was always complaining that she had poor fortunate based on that as long as she began to have holidays during the late autumn and winter, some health problems appear so that she could not enjoy herself but to stay at bed or go to see doctors. However, in spring or summer, while doing hard farming working, she was totally okay even though that work is so hard. Her body had not any problems to handle the hard work.

What she did not know is that in spring or summer, her body consumed most of her body energy to do the farming work. There is not much left to do the body maintaining job, like taking care of the health problems. Just when farming working is finished, her body began to look after health issues when her body energy is not consumed so much at the late autumn and winter, which is why she did not feel so well. This discomfort feeling came from the problem solving.

Later in Sweden, my best friend, she is a doctor, a surgeon. During giving births to her two sons, because of the anesthetic she has low back pain. While staying at home, she was complaining all the time about her low back pain.

When she began to work, once I asked her how her low back pain was like. She was smiling and said since she began working, her low back was nearly gone. But it will come back as long as she has a few days holidays at home relaxing, the low back pain will call at her on time.

When working, she is so busy with the operations and this work requires highly concentration. Her body spent her energy to do the job. There is not much left to deal with the low back problem. However, having holidays at home, relaxation does not cost so much energy so that her body has energy to look after the low back problem. The pain is caused by the problem solving.

Another friend began to feel short of air at the age of 42. She explained her short of air. As long as she is moving around, in another word, as long as she is doing something, she does not feel short of air. Only when having nothing to do, she began to have short of air problem. In this case, in order to avoid her short of air problem, she has to make her schedule so full of activities till she is too tired to move, which is the time for her to go to bed.

This energy flowing is more clearly explained how our body consumes our body energy. We also can see certain body discomfort is caused by the problem solving of our body, which is why a lot of people have the experiences that when they have holidays, relaxation, their body shows up some pain or itching.

Please let it be and give your body time to do her job. That is our body doing maintaining job for the better functions.

If the problems can be solved as time goes by by our body, we should not have big health issues. Only when our body seldom has chance to take care of problems, difficult health issues could appear. That is the time when our body is totally blunt, not sensitive any more.

Lower blood pressure by hand/Our great body 8

The idea of this herbs extract is to give his body(my husband) a hand to take care of the problems collected in his body.

Before he took this extract of herbs, I had told him that his body would react. This reaction will show up with different kinds of forms, maybe feeling pain in certain part of body, or maybe feeling numb, pins and needle. No matter what it is, this body reaction will not last long. They are the signs to show that his body is dealing with some health problems. With my explanation ahead, he was prepared himself a little because I know he is so sensitive to pain.

When taking this extract of herbs, as I expected, he had pain here or there, sometimes feeling quick movement in certain muscles. The good part was that all the reaction did not last long so that he could insist on taking it for a relatively long time, around one month. Eventually, he gave up based on the taste.

Nevertheless, he experienced how our body reacts to when we could give our body a hand, which is why he would prefer to take extract of herbs mixture, instead of the conventional treatment when knowing his colleague died of lung cancer.

Year 2012, he had to go to USA to do something on business. He had been working hard for quite a long time. he has high blood pressure. I thought I should help his body a little with my meridian massage. I told him that the massage could help drop down his high blood pressure. He wondered and would like to have a massage anyway.

I did try to massage his 12 meridians and focused on those blocked parts more. We checked the blood pressure before and after massage. 155/95 before; after 140/ 80, it surprised me too.

I did not think his blood pressure will keep on 140/80 for long with once meridian massage. I was just so amazed how our body reacts as long as she gets a little help. Imagine if our 12 meridians are through well, do we have high blood pressure? I do not think so absolutely.

Meridians of children and young people work well, that is why they do not have high blood pressure because their body does not need raise up the blood pressure to supply fresh blood to body parts.

Our great body 7

There is a Chinese Union in my town. One member, Mr.W, his son was studying in a famous medical institute in Sweden. Because being so intelligent, his son was chosen to be in a treasure team to do some pioneer work. The leader for this treasure team is a famous medical professor in Sweden. On the introduction day, this professor gave them a speech. In this speech, professor was talking about that conventional medicine did not cure any sickness except for doing well in preventing spreading of contagious sicknesses.

Hearing this, Mr. W was so shocked. In a union meeting, he told us this information.

After a few years, I would like to contact this professor. When I asked his son if it is okay to have this professor’s e-mail address, his son said most of doctors think so as well, not only that professor ( by that time, the young man has already practiced as a doctor in a hospital for one year).

I think that medical professor is a brave person who has the courage to face the truth of his profession. He must be admired by all people who would like to know the truth in medical field.

At least five years ago, my old neighbor’s girlfriend was found out with tongue cancer. She should be around 45 years old by that time. Based on that it was the later stage of the cancer, doctor did not think there was a point to do the operation. I did not know if she had other way of treatment. Anyway, after at least five years, I still see her walking around with a back bag and she looks well, too. It is a pity we are not so familiar with each other, otherwise I would love to say hello to her and see how she is going with her health problem.

My husband’s colleague, a lady came to have my meridian massage treatment once. At the age of 46, she was found out with lung cancer. When my husband told me this, she already began to have tense conventional medicine treatments. I was talking to my husband if she did not stop this kind of treatments, she would be gone soon. My husband gave me a bad look. Less than six months later, she was gone. That was 2013.

After this, once I asked my husband, if he had this kind of difficult problem, what kind of treatments he would like to have, the conventional one or? He said that he would like to have my herbs extract.

However, before, he thought it tasted like a mixture of human waste since I persuaded him to have my herbs medicine to take care of his health problem. He has had it for some time and then refused to take it anymore based on the taste.

Our great body 6

My third brother was a conventional medicine doctor. Year 2006, I visited him. When seeing him eat a lot of fat of lamb, I asked him if he was worried about his blood fat. He was smiling and told me that he just got it checked. Blood fat level was very normal unlike my sister’s.

My sister’s blood fat level was high. As long as eating some meat for two meals, she will feel dizzy. In that case she has to be very careful with her food. My third brother was also very proud to tell me that his health was very good since for a few years he had not had a cold or fever even though he had to get along with patients so closely every day in his private clinic.

At that time, I did believe that he was strong enough while he was telling me about his health state.

In the beginning of year 2007, he was sick and could not get well with his own treatment. Later he was found out with blood cancer. He felt so bad and looked very bad as well. Anyway he could manage to go to a blood sickness treatment center in a big city, Tianjing China. After finishing all related tests, in the morning the next day he began to have the Chemotherapy treatment. In the afternoon the following day, his wife was informed by doctor that she should prepare herself. The Chemotherapy treatment was terminated. From the beginning of Chemotherapy treatment till his death, it was less than three days. He was only 49 years old.

While his body was cremated, cremation worker later talked to my nephew and asked my nephew what my third died of (In China, it is common to ask that). Then the cremation worker said that it was not my third brother’s time to be dead yet. My nephew asked him why he thought so. The worker explained that the liquid from burning his body was still yellow, which meant that his body still had chance to be alive, still manageable. When a person’s live comes to an end, liquid from the burning body should be grey.

Today, when looking back, I think at that time when he was found out with blood cancer, his body energy was so low; his body was so exhausted. Under this circumstance, he was treated with Chemotherapy. It is just like you gave a very good beating to an exhausted man and expected he could work properly. How cruel it is to treat our body this way. The consequence is not hard to imagine.

Our great body 5

Let us look at children.

Children in kindergarten are so easy to get sick. One is sick and nearly all the others get sick as well. It is not because children are weak; on the contrary, it is because children’s body is so sensitive. Their immune system is so alert that as long as there is a problem, their body reacts very quickly.

Pay attention to children, you will notice that when being sick, they do not play well or you can see they are not interested in playing anymore. Why are they like this? Because all their body energy is consumed to fight with the invaders, bacteria, virus or cold; there is not much energy left for them to handle playing. They are so pure.

When being sick, children just sleep all the time. During this sleeping, their body energy is working so hard on taking care of the problem in their body. As long as this fight finishes and problem has been solved, children begin to play again because their body energy is back from that fight.

In China, there is one saying. That is if a child does not often get cold or fever, so called small sickness, then the child will have big problem.

My second brother’s son had not been sick since he was born until he was 16 months old. At that time, there was not children health control in China at all. But when being 16 months old, the boy began to cough and he was found out that there was a hole in his heart. Two months later, he died.

Except for that the boy had never been sick till the last one, the other thing that my brother noticed him was that his son did not play so much. It seemed that he had no interest in playing.

This saying is available for adults as well. Those who can have cold or fever once or twice in a year are healthier than those who have not had a cold or fever for a few years. Those who can have a cold or fever in a year should have less risk to have cancer cell to be out of control.

First of all, our body energy becomes very low and then we begin to have difficult sickness. It is definitely not because we have cancer first and then our health is getting worse and worse.