Be healthy through knowing your body

No any expert, professor or doctor can explain exactly how our body heals a wound but our body must know exactly the way she heals a wound.

Normally when it takes long time for our body to heal a wound, there must be a difficult sickness behind and it takes time to find out. This is what we know. What we do not know is why it is like that.

Look at the picture above, what fantastic human body can do is beyond our imagination, but what we know about her is very limited.

We are all so different from each other.To understand special you, you have to work on your special body. No one can know your body better than yourself. What you need is just to pay attention to your body daily. Then you will know your body better and you gain some knowledge about human body. This knowledge can help you to be healthy in a right way.

The key point to be healthy

Do not spend too much time in finding out what you eat can help you to be healthy any more. It would not work definitely.

What you should care is whether your body has enough energy or not, which is the key point to be healthy.

In order that your body has enough energy to function well, the most important thing you have to do is to sleep in right time.

You must think that I am talking rubbish because you could not sleep in the first place. In that case, you have to find out the reason why you cannot go to sleep.

If you have problem in your stomach system, it is difficult to go to sleep. If your heart does not feel well, it is hard to go to sleep, too. There are other reasons, as well.

Everyone has problem and we are all different. Pay attention to your body and it will not be that difficult to know your reason of sleeping disorder.

Try and find out

A lot of my readers are wondering whether what I am talking about is right or not.

The best way to find out is to try what I have suggested.

In my eyes, most people in developed countries have heart related problems so you try to massage the points that I have pointed out in the article” Take care of our heart”.

Then you will notice something about your body and find out if your body needs care.

Just remember it takes time for your body to become like the way it is and it also takes time for your body to get recovered.

As long as you insist on helping your body, you will agree with me. The best is that you can know so much about your body, then you understand why I am saying our body is so much capable.

Find out your health status 1

If you have not had a cold or fever for a few years and you do not have stomach problem; at the same time, you usually sleep in the morning next day and you do not feel so tired often, your health is very poor.

There is a big risk for you to have difficult health problem or sudden death if you are more than 40 years old.

On the contrary, those who think they have poor health because they feel bad often and very easy to get tired are relatively healthy since their body energy is still manageable so that they could know how they feel. This kind of health problem is easy to deal with. The risk for you to have difficult sickness is not that big. As long as you sleep in right time and eat something that is good for your body, you will get recovered soon.

We can pay attention to our friends and our relatives and ask them some very simple questions. We will find out those who have stomach problems are normally not so heavy. Those who think that they do not have any problems with their stomachs are heavier than they should be.

For the first group (they feel that they have stomach difficulties), their health problems are easy to deal with. For the second group( they do not think they have trouble with their stomach), their health problems are hard to solve because it will take long time for their body to gain the sense back, which needs a lot of body energy to do.

Our body energy is produced by our body with the condition that our body is able to produce at right time. We might think we eat enough nutrition that our body needs. One thing that we are not so sure is if that nutrition can be used properly. This is the key issue to our health.

Something I know

When I was in grade 4, a new student came to our class. When our teacher introduced her to us, I remember so well that she was squinting at us. I was wondering why, but forgot to ask very soon.

Later we became very good friends. At the age of 26 years old, she was diagnosed with lupus erythematosus and died a few years later. I began to understand why her health was like that three years ago. At the age of 12, she was squinting all the time, which showed her health was very poor at that time already. Till age of 26, her body just could not manage anymore. With wrong treatment, her body just had no any chance to keep on.

2009, I went Chengdu China to see a Chinese doctor. There, I met a woman with the same disease. She was 49 years old. Since seeing the same doctor, we began to talk with each other. I asked her if she often had a fever. She said she did not know what fever meant since she never had one.

With the Chinese doctor’s treatment, she began to have sore throat, which was a very good sign according to the Chinese doctor. Now I understand why the Chinese doctor said that because her body began to react with the help of herb treatment.

It was with this Chinese doctor, I met another lady with blood cancer and she should be less than 40 years old. When I saw her for the first time, she had been seeing this doctor for three months already.

After three months treatment, doctor suggested her to go to conventional hospital to have a test and see how it went. She was so glad to tell the Chinese doctor that test showed good result. However, she did not look so well still.

Nearly two months later, before I left, we met each other again. She looked so much better. She told me that her blood cancer was under control absolute by that time, but she had to have medicine for three years to get totally recovered according to the Chinese doctor.

Know your body 5: to test the body temperature

The normal body temperature is around 36 degrees. Let us wonder whether each part of our body can reach this temperature or not.

The simple way to do this is to put your tongue over your hand and then feel how it is like. After this, you put your hand into some water with 36 degrees and then feel. You would find that water with 36 degrees is warmer than your tongue. Based on this, it is not so hard to draw a conclusion. It is not each part of our body that can reach normal temperature.

I am talking about lower temperature than 36 degrees.

So many people suffer from cold hands and feet. Obviously, their hands and feet cannot reach the body temperature.

However,Some of them can feel the coldness of their hands and feet. The others do not feel cold at all. Those who could not feel the coldness in their hands and feet are in bad health situation.

To warm up your cold hands and feet, you have to take care of your stomach system. Our body temperature comes from our stomach.

Know your body 3: physical problems

If eating something bad, you have a bad stomach. And you have a cold or fever a few times in a year, which mean that you are relatively healthy.

It costs a lot of body energy to drive something bad away from our body—have bad stomach. It even takes more body energy to have a fever or a cold. That is why we normally feel so tired to have a bad stomach, a cold or a fever because body energy is used to driving away the bad thing.

When eating something bad, we have diarrhea. Diarrhea is something that body is driving something bad out of our body. When catching a cold, we have running nose. The running nose is something that body is doing to drive the cold away. If bacteria and virus are in our body, our body raises up temperature to kill the bacteria and virus.

However, a lot of people do not have a bad stomach, a cold , or a fever. Why? because their body do not have the energy to do the job.

To keep health is our body’s job. When our body cannot do this job , there is only one explanation, no energy.

Those who have difficult sickness normally have not had a bad stomach, a cold or a fever for a long time.

So it is not because you have difficult sickness and then your health is getting worse. On the contrary, it is because you have been having poor health for a long time, and then you have difficult sickness.

A lovely news

October 2014, I went to visit a fried in China. She has a daughter who was 15 years old. Every morning the girl looked so unhappy, but in the afternoon, she was okay.

Later I have talked to the girl and gave her some ideas about how to take care of herself and she was fascinated with what I said about health and would like to try as I told her.

Today, I talked to my friend on phone and asked her about her daughter. My friend said that her daughter is in very good mood in the morning now and loses some weight while she did not control her food in taking at all.

What I asked her to do is just to go to sleep before ten clock in the evening and take care of one meridian.

Could it be difficult? Isn’t it a lovely news?

The spring is coming

The spring is coming. People with allergy will have some problems at this season.

There are a lot of explanations about why you have allergy in spring, but I think the allergy in spring is because your body is trying to do something good for you.

If only we could help our body do what our body wants to do. The allergy problem could be gone.

Having some pills to stop the symptoms, you have to have them every year. Later, it would not work anymore.

Truth of organ failure

Our body functions in blood. When one organ can not function, the reason is that there is not enough blood that can circulate into this organ anymore, which causes the failure of this organ.

Why cannot enough blood go to different organ? There are two main reasons. One is that there is not enough blood. The other is that blood vessels are blocked so that blood cannot flow to that part of body.

Even though we do not have enough blood, the blood vessels are okay to go through, organ is still able to work.

What blocks the blood vessels? Waste!