Our great body 6

My third brother was a conventional medicine doctor. Year 2006, I visited him. When seeing him eat a lot of fat of lamb, I asked him if he was worried about his blood fat. He was smiling and told me that he just got it checked. Blood fat level was very normal unlike my sister’s.

My sister’s blood fat level was high. As long as eating some meat for two meals, she will feel dizzy. In that case she has to be very careful with her food. My third brother was also very proud to tell me that his health was very good since for a few years he had not had a cold or fever even though he had to get along with patients so closely every day in his private clinic.

At that time, I did believe that he was strong enough while he was telling me about his health state.

In the beginning of year 2007, he was sick and could not get well with his own treatment. Later he was found out with blood cancer. He felt so bad and looked very bad as well. Anyway he could manage to go to a blood sickness treatment center in a big city, Tianjing China. After finishing all related tests, in the morning the next day he began to have the Chemotherapy treatment. In the afternoon the following day, his wife was informed by doctor that she should prepare herself. The Chemotherapy treatment was terminated. From the beginning of Chemotherapy treatment till his death, it was less than three days. He was only 49 years old.

While his body was cremated, cremation worker later talked to my nephew and asked my nephew what my third died of (In China, it is common to ask that). Then the cremation worker said that it was not my third brother’s time to be dead yet. My nephew asked him why he thought so. The worker explained that the liquid from burning his body was still yellow, which meant that his body still had chance to be alive, still manageable. When a person’s live comes to an end, liquid from the burning body should be grey.

Today, when looking back, I think at that time when he was found out with blood cancer, his body energy was so low; his body was so exhausted. Under this circumstance, he was treated with Chemotherapy. It is just like you gave a very good beating to an exhausted man and expected he could work properly. How cruel it is to treat our body this way. The consequence is not hard to imagine.

Something I know

When I was in grade 4, a new student came to our class. When our teacher introduced her to us, I remember so well that she was squinting at us. I was wondering why, but forgot to ask very soon.

Later we became very good friends. At the age of 26 years old, she was diagnosed with lupus erythematosus and died a few years later. I began to understand why her health was like that three years ago. At the age of 12, she was squinting all the time, which showed her health was very poor at that time already. Till age of 26, her body just could not manage anymore. With wrong treatment, her body just had no any chance to keep on.

2009, I went Chengdu China to see a Chinese doctor. There, I met a woman with the same disease. She was 49 years old. Since seeing the same doctor, we began to talk with each other. I asked her if she often had a fever. She said she did not know what fever meant since she never had one.

With the Chinese doctor’s treatment, she began to have sore throat, which was a very good sign according to the Chinese doctor. Now I understand why the Chinese doctor said that because her body began to react with the help of herb treatment.

It was with this Chinese doctor, I met another lady with blood cancer and she should be less than 40 years old. When I saw her for the first time, she had been seeing this doctor for three months already.

After three months treatment, doctor suggested her to go to conventional hospital to have a test and see how it went. She was so glad to tell the Chinese doctor that test showed good result. However, she did not look so well still.

Nearly two months later, before I left, we met each other again. She looked so much better. She told me that her blood cancer was under control absolute by that time, but she had to have medicine for three years to get totally recovered according to the Chinese doctor.