Function food 2

All food has certain function.

It is the function of food that matters a lot, for instance, beans and milk products can build up gas. But there is also some food that can help us release the gas in our stomach, for example:fennel.

We are all so different from each other. If you pay close attention to your food in-taking and see how your body reacts to this food, you will notice what your body likes and what your body does not like.

It is not because of the vitamin or mineral contained in the food that are important but the function of the food, which our body can make good use of.

Those who have a sensitive stomach can tell a lot about what their body likes or what their body does not like, which is why I have said that they are relatively healthy.

If your health status is in this stage, you can keep your health through eating some food.

What food is best for you? Just try different food and see how your body reacts,then you know what you need.

You are special: No one could know you better than yourself.

Every piece of food has function. This function must be transformed by our body energy. If our body energy is low, the function of food cannot be transformed. Then it becomes a burden to our body.

Now it comes to the key issue for our health, body energy.

When our body energy is low, no matter what you eat, it is just hard to see the good effect.

The key point to be healthy

Do not spend too much time in finding out what you eat can help you to be healthy any more. It would not work definitely.

What you should care is whether your body has enough energy or not, which is the key point to be healthy.

In order that your body has enough energy to function well, the most important thing you have to do is to sleep in right time.

You must think that I am talking rubbish because you could not sleep in the first place. In that case, you have to find out the reason why you cannot go to sleep.

If you have problem in your stomach system, it is difficult to go to sleep. If your heart does not feel well, it is hard to go to sleep, too. There are other reasons, as well.

Everyone has problem and we are all different. Pay attention to your body and it will not be that difficult to know your reason of sleeping disorder.

Blood sugar/ experiences of cold 3

I have two friends. One is from China and the other is from Thailand. Both of them have high blood sugar, but it is not the time for them to have some medicine yet.

Chinese one, F is very close to me. She is doing very heavy exercises to lose weight. She did lose some weight, but it is far away from her goal. We often go out together. Seeing her drinking so much cold water (She is afraid of hot, but seldom have sweat), I told her to drink warm water to lose weight. At the same time, I explained to her why she should drink warm water to lose weight. I know she does not believe in me. Anyway, I want her to try one week and see how her body reacts.

While she was drinking warm water and having warm food, I want her to be aware of two things. One thing she should pay attention to is her urinate. If she could do in one week totally, drinking warm and eating warm, her urinate should be in bigger amount with darker color than it used to be. The other thing she should be aware of is that her urinate should smell a lot, which really shows that her urinate is in a good quality; her body is really throwing some waste out through urinate.

I do not think she believes me much but she promised me that she would try one week and see how it goes.

After this, I nearly forgot about it until next time we met at my home, it should be two months later. She looks better and did lose some weight in a good way. I mean while she was doing heavy exercises, she did lose some weight, but frankly speaking, I think she looked a little bit worn out. However, this time, she looks lighter and shining with some sweating. She could not have sweat for a long time. Then she told me that I am right. After trying one week, she noticed that her urinate came out a big amount with darker color and smelled much.

Then, I understand why she is shining on her face and why she looks good. Her looking this time is so different from the worn out looking before.

It is not the warm drink or warm food that made this shining and good looking. It is the regained energy that body saved made this remarkable difference.

To be continued

My story 6

In autumn of 2011, I went back to China again to buy some herbs I need, a lot.

With the experience of last time, I thought I should be more cautious. Firstly, my body should be given more time to get used to. Secondly, I prefer not to have that much pain. So I took it slowly, add the amount of main herb day by day. The priority is still to help my body.

I have been taking this herbs mixture medicine for two months.During these two months’ time, I have experienced a lot how my body reacted to this herb medicine. Of all, it was the cold feeling in my body that was more dominant. Sometime, staying at home with 23 degrees, I still felt so cold and I had to wear two lays of wool sweater with a hat on my head.

This phenomenon confused me a lot because the main idea of this mixture of herbs is supposed to warm up body. Why did I feel so cold?

After reading documents from different doctors’ experiences of treating patients, eventually, I found out it was because this herbs mixture medicine warmed up my body so that my body’s sense is back. In another word to say, before my body was too cold to have some sense. My body was numb and senseless. With the medicine warming up, body‘s sense began to be back, which is why I feel so cold.

This whole body coldness lasted for two days and then I began to spit out a lot of liquid. The liquid was just coming, soon full of my mouth. I had to spit it out. I touched this liquid from my mouth; It did not feel warm at all.

This liquid coming to my mouth had been going on around one week. At the same time, pain here or pain there in my body happened occasionally. Sometimes, it was sharp pain; sometimes, it was slow pain. The good part was that it was just short while; it did not last long.

Once I was in bathroom, my right part of face began to twitch. Looking at myself in the mirror, I saw my right part of face twisted with this twitching. I was not nervous at all because I know it would not last long. I even thought it was a little bit fun to see that.

Our great body 5

Let us look at children.

Children in kindergarten are so easy to get sick. One is sick and nearly all the others get sick as well. It is not because children are weak; on the contrary, it is because children’s body is so sensitive. Their immune system is so alert that as long as there is a problem, their body reacts very quickly.

Pay attention to children, you will notice that when being sick, they do not play well or you can see they are not interested in playing anymore. Why are they like this? Because all their body energy is consumed to fight with the invaders, bacteria, virus or cold; there is not much energy left for them to handle playing. They are so pure.

When being sick, children just sleep all the time. During this sleeping, their body energy is working so hard on taking care of the problem in their body. As long as this fight finishes and problem has been solved, children begin to play again because their body energy is back from that fight.

In China, there is one saying. That is if a child does not often get cold or fever, so called small sickness, then the child will have big problem.

My second brother’s son had not been sick since he was born until he was 16 months old. At that time, there was not children health control in China at all. But when being 16 months old, the boy began to cough and he was found out that there was a hole in his heart. Two months later, he died.

Except for that the boy had never been sick till the last one, the other thing that my brother noticed him was that his son did not play so much. It seemed that he had no interest in playing.

This saying is available for adults as well. Those who can have cold or fever once or twice in a year are healthier than those who have not had a cold or fever for a few years. Those who can have a cold or fever in a year should have less risk to have cancer cell to be out of control.

First of all, our body energy becomes very low and then we begin to have difficult sickness. It is definitely not because we have cancer first and then our health is getting worse and worse.

My story 4

According to this saying in TCM, when we are too weak, it has no point to attack the lump anymore based on that our body has not energy to handle.

Is it the medicine to handle the lump or is it our body to handle the lump with medicine, which confused me much.

After some time of thinking, reading and thinking reading again, eventually, I worked out.

This saying means that when we are weak, our body is still able to manage to function but to leave some less fatal functioning work behind, like cleaning up waste. Lump is one of the problems caused by the waste that blocks certain meridian.
When I took herb medicine, my body energy was dragged into the work to handle the lump. In that case, other body function cannot be done properly, like breathing, handling some simple house work. That was why I felt so short of air and so tired to do something simple when taking the herb medicine to attack the lump in my right breast.

This is what I found out. To work out whether it is really like that or not, I did try again the herb medicine and the same result showed up.

By that time, I knew that I was too weak to deal with the lump directly. What I should do is to try to raise my body energy through herbs since there are so many herbs that can help you be more strong.

With this thought,The next thing for me to do is helping my body be strong enough. It seems that it is the only way for me to do at that moment.

Our great body 2

How can we help our body to keep health, at least before it is too late.

To do that, we have to know how our body works.

The followings are some tips to show you how our body works.

It is totally different from the explanation of conventional medicine, but you will feel it if you do pay some attention to your body. I am saying this here because I have experienced.

There are 12 meridians in our body that cover the whole body. These meridians are in charge of transporting body energy to different parts of body so that our body parts have energy (like petrol) to function well.

When we are young, our meridians are not blockade, which is why we are so energetic; in another word, health is in a good state. When we are tired, sleeping help us to get recovered quickly at younger age.

As we are getting older, some parts in different meridians get blockade, which leads to that these parts of our body cannot have enough energy to function. Without energy, these parts will be weak.

To know your heart meridian:
Lift up your left arm and then feel the area close to your armpit; push a little harder.

If you feel pain when pushing, it tells you that your heart meridian is not through well. If you do not feel pain when pushing, your heart meridian is okay.

The persons who have heart problems should have very bad pain along your lower part of your left arm.

However, if your heart problem is getting very bad, when pushing heart meridian, you do not feel anything anymore because your body is too blunt to feel anything.

Our health is in our hands

For so many years, I had tried so many ways to gain health according to conventional medicine. The result was not that charming.

Thanks to my Chinese background, I began to read TCM by myself. To my big surprise, it helped me a lot. Step by step, my knowledge of TCM is getting more and more.

With the help of this knowledge of TCM, my health is getting better and better. After nearly 15 years studying of TCM, especially recent three years observing my own body, I have known so much about human body.

Our body is so fantastic, so creative and so capable. No one and nothing in the world loves us more than our body, but it seems that we never care about our body enough.

It is not because we do not want to care about our body. The biggest problem is that we do not know our body at all.

As long as we know our body more, our health is in our hands. What doctors know about us is our blood test and X-ray.

Comparing with our fabulous body, doctors can do very little good to us. It is wise for us to keep distance away from them in my opinion.

Breast lump

Ten years ago, a lump was found in my right breast and I had it cut. Eight years later, by accident, a bigger lump was found nearly in the same place of my right breast.

I did not want to cut it any more, instead, I decided to deal with it myself. Quite a few ways of TCM had been tried and neither of them worked well. Why? I have been wondering about this for a long time until one day I realized that my energy level is something that really matters.

To raise energy level!

When my energy level was getting better, I began to feel something in the lump area, which explained why I had not felt anything before until it became so big and was found out by an accident. I could feel something based on that my energy was strong enough to go there.

On the contrary, I had not felt anything before because my energy was so weak to let me know any feeling.

Energy is the key issue of health.

We are the best doctors of ourselves

Who could know our body better than ourselves, doctors? no, they are the persons who can read different kinds of reports. They do not have the chance to know special you and me.

To help our physical problems, we have to know our body well, then we will be the doctors of ourselves. We will be the best doctors of ourselves because who could know our body better than ourselves.

Any sickness has a reason. Bacteria, virus, cell failure could be one of them, definitely not all. If our body is strong enough, bacteria, virus could not defeat our body.

It is our body energy level that decides if we are healthy or not.

Food is the resource of body energy. The problem is if our body can use the food efficiently, but why not?