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Cause of headache 1

Winter of 1999 was the first winter we spent in Sweden. Being here for a few months, we did not know much about this country, including the language of Swedish. However, we can manage because nearly all Swedish people can understand and speak English, which made us more lazy to learn Swedish. One day, we
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Blood sugar/ experiences of cold 4

The other friend, P is my class mate. She wears two or three lays clothes during summer and her hands are cold all the time. She told me that her feet are cold all the time as well. Because of her very bad PMS, once she asked me how Chinese medicine helps people with PMS.
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Blood sugar/ experiences of cold 3

I have two friends. One is from China and the other is from Thailand. Both of them have high blood sugar, but it is not the time for them to have some medicine yet. Chinese one, F is very close to me. She is doing very heavy exercises to lose weight. She did lose some
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Know your body 5: to test the body temperature

The normal body temperature is around 36 degrees. Let us wonder whether each part of our body can reach this temperature or not. The simple way to do this is to put your tongue over your hand and then feel how it is like. After this, you put your hand into some water with 36
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