Our great body 1

Being healthy is a process and being unhealthy is a process as well. It takes a long time for your health to get worse and worse and it also takes long time for your health to get recovered.

Today, people are so afraid to have cancer. Actually, it takes so long time to have cancer cell out of control.

Generally speaking, everyone has cancer cell in our body. If our body is in good condition, body will take care of it and she can do it like nothing because she knows why it grows and how it grows.

The best is that our dear body knows how to deal with it; how to look after it and how to cure it. However, medical professors and experts are not so sure about why you have cancer with you.

We all know that some people have been found out with a certain cancer in their body and have had it cut. The wound made by cutting of the tumor, who is going to heal the wound?

Is it the medical equipment? Is it pill? Or is it the doctor who does that job? If you think it over, everyone should know it has to be our dear body to do this job; to heal the wound if she still has a little energy left. In the worst case, the wound remains open because our body cannot manage anymore. The consequence is not hard to imagine.

From this point of view, you should know what you should count on about your health and it is not that difficult at all. Everyone can do it.

Why a sensitive body is relative healthy

Just think that a group of people go out together and eat something bad. Who is more healthy to react to this bad food, the first one or the last one?

Obviously it is the first one who is more healthy because he reacts so quickly. His immune system is in such an alert state that as long as something bad is in- taken, body reacts at once.

Imagine those who do not react at all, are they healthy or they are just numb? Their immune system is so blunt. Why? Because energy level of body is so low.

With that, it is not so hard to understand why nearly all the cancers are found in the later stage because body has not the energy to let you know, your body is not sensitive anymore.