Headache 3

Cause of headache 3

When my daughter was 7 years old, we changed her bedroom to a bigger one. This room is in the northern part of our house. Her bed lied in north to south direction and she used to sleep head to north. In this way, her head was close to the window, around 1.5 meters away.

After some time moving into the bigger bedroom, occasionally my daughter was complaining about headache. I did not pay attention too much and wondered whether she knew what headache really meant. Later except complaining about headache, she began to say her neck was in pain.

When she complained more and more, we took her to family doctor. Doctor did check and did not find anything wrong. Based on that my daughter was having glasses, doctor suggested having her eyes checked just in case something is wrong with eyes, which could cause headache and neck discomfort as well.

We also did that. There was nothing new that was found wrong with her eyes. I was not so worried about her. Later I noticed that she always moved around her neck while she was playing or doing something else.

One day while seeing her moving her head around, I asked her why she did that. She said that she felt comfortable to do so. To help her, I did some massage on her head and neck to reduce the pain just like what I did to my horrible headache. After that, she did not complain about her headache and neck pain much anymore.

Then one night, around 2 clock in the morning, she came to me and said she wanted me to sleep with her. So I slept in the outside of her bed and she slept in inside of her bed. While sleeping outside of her bed, I began to feel the cold wind blowing on my head from the window. In the beginning, I tried to ignore that cold wind, but very soon this cold wind made my head feel so cold so I had to stand up to rearrange curtain to cover the windy area. Windows are sealed but obviously not perfectly sealed, there is still little wind coming into room. I could feel it while my head was close to the window, especially when the temperature outside is around minus 10 or even lower degrees.

At that time, I did not connect this cold wind with my daughter’s headache and neck pain. It was after quite a few years learning TCM, then I realized that why my daughter had headache and neck pain while she was sleeping in that room. The cold wind is the only cause to her headache and neck pain. Understanding this, I did something again to her head and neck even though she had not complained about her headache for long. While I was pushing these points connected to wind attacking on her head, she was screaming because of the pain caused by massaging, which is the sign to show that a lot of cold wind stayed in her head still.

According to TCM, the cold wind is very bad to human body. The worst is that you have cold wind blowing on you while you are sleeping, which could interfere body’s function very much. Because during sleeping time, our body energy is dealing with internal maintaining, there is no external protection available, which is why our body is so easy to get hurt from the cold wind even though it is mild.

With this experience, once one of my friends P talked to me about her son’s headache, I thought about the cold wind attacking her son’s head at once. She took her son to family doctor and doctor did not find anything that they could explain why the boy had headache. When P told me this, the first thing I asked her was the arrangement of her boy’s bed room. Knowing that her boy’s headache was caused by the cold wind from the window, I just let P do something on her boy’s head. Her boy’s headache will be gone soon, which I am very sure about it as I know the bottom reason of her boy’s headache.

According to TCM, the five natural phenomena in the universe can cause health problems. These five natural phenomena are wind, cold, wet, dry and heat. Cold wind is the worst one to human body. The great part is that in some of meridians, there are points that deal with different health problems, such as wind, cold attacking to our body. When massaging relevant points of meridians, we can help our body to feel better.

Headache 2

Cause of headache 2

A Chinese friend who has diabetes does not believe in TCM at all. His family and my family are quite close so we contact very often.

He thinks it is good to have some pills from conventional medicine to have his diabetes under control.TCM seems like some old trash in his eyes. But he knows that those pills can only control his blood sugar. He feels that his health condition is getting worse and worse as time goes by.

Once I went to visit them and asked him how he was. He shook his head. Before, after physical exercises, he felt better. It seemed that everything worked well with physical exercises. But now he felt weak and physical exercises gave him headache. He did not know what to do to help his body condition with diabetes.

I told him that the headache after physical exercise was not related to his diabetes. It was because he went out while he was sweating on his head. This reminded him that he did go out of the room directly into outside while he was sweating on his head.

From a cold environment to a warm environment, our body needs some time to get used to. It is the same from a warm environment to a cold environment. Our body also needs some time to do the adjustment.

The better health you have, the better ability you have to do this adjustment.

If our body has not enough time to do the adjustment, problem could occur. That part exposed most should be the first to be felt. So it is easy to understand why headache happens when he went out with sweating on his head.

Cause of headache 1

Winter of 1999 was the first winter we spent in Sweden. Being here for a few months, we did not know much about this country, including the language of Swedish.

However, we can manage because nearly all Swedish people can understand and speak English, which made us more lazy to learn Swedish.

One day, we wanted to go someplace by bus without knowing that there were two lines of this bus. One went to a place and the other line went to another place. We had to check on front of bus where it showed destination of the bus.

Not knowing that, we took a bus and came to a destination that was not where we wanted to go. Anyway, we came off. It was cold and I had to carry my daughter who was more than two years old by that time( she just wanted me to carry her).

On this cold day, having walked nearly half hour without a hat on my head(my husband and daughter had hats on), we finally came to a McDonald and went into McDonald at once.

That night, I began to have very bad headache. The whole head was in such a horrible pain. I am not a person who is so sensitive to pain, but that pain was just too much to stand. My husband suggested me to have pain killer pills. In the beginning, I did not want. It was too much to put up with so I had to have the pain killer pills. But the pain was still there, it was as strong as before.

The next day, I went to see family doctor and explained to her how horrible the headache was. Family doctor sent me to a further examination. CT showed nothing was wrong with my brain.

Nevertheless, the headache was going on and doctor did not know what medicine to give me based on that the pain killer pills had not helped me and nothing wrong was found out through CT.

During the night, the pain was still very bad. Without knowing what to do to get rid of the horrible headache, I asked my husband to massage my head for some time. He just pushed on my head around ten minutes. Afterwards, I felt better. At least I could stand. After a few nights’ painful headache, eventually I had a good sleep. With that encouraging, later, I did massage my head myself as well. Gradually, the headache was gone. That was 1999. By that time, I did not know the reason why I had that horrible headache at all.

It was 2012. After learning TCM and observing my own body for a few years, I thought about that horrible headache and connected the headache with the long walking in cold.

It was not a problem to do the long walking in cold. The mistake was that I did long walking in cold without a hat on and then for a sudden went into a warm room, which caused that horrible headache. The reason was that my body had no time to get used to the sudden warm environment, which led to that horrible headache.

The headache was gone, but the cold stayed in my head until 2012 when my body began to have energy to take care of that problem, I experienced cold air blowing while sweating on my head. It came and went for a few cycles.