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Headache 3

Cause of headache 3 When my daughter was 7 years old, we changed her bedroom to a bigger one. This room is in the northern part of our house. Her bed lied in north to south direction and she used to sleep head to north. In this way, her head was close to the window,
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Headache 2

Cause of headache 2 A Chinese friend who has diabetes does not believe in TCM at all. His family and my family are quite close so we contact very often. He thinks it is good to have some pills from conventional medicine to have his diabetes under control.TCM seems like some old trash in his
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Cause of headache 1

Winter of 1999 was the first winter we spent in Sweden. Being here for a few months, we did not know much about this country, including the language of Swedish. However, we can manage because nearly all Swedish people can understand and speak English, which made us more lazy to learn Swedish. One day, we
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