Headache 3

Cause of headache 3

When my daughter was 7 years old, we changed her bedroom to a bigger one. This room is in the northern part of our house. Her bed lied in north to south direction and she used to sleep head to north. In this way, her head was close to the window, around 1.5 meters away.

After some time moving into the bigger bedroom, occasionally my daughter was complaining about headache. I did not pay attention too much and wondered whether she knew what headache really meant. Later except complaining about headache, she began to say her neck was in pain.

When she complained more and more, we took her to family doctor. Doctor did check and did not find anything wrong. Based on that my daughter was having glasses, doctor suggested having her eyes checked just in case something is wrong with eyes, which could cause headache and neck discomfort as well.

We also did that. There was nothing new that was found wrong with her eyes. I was not so worried about her. Later I noticed that she always moved around her neck while she was playing or doing something else.

One day while seeing her moving her head around, I asked her why she did that. She said that she felt comfortable to do so. To help her, I did some massage on her head and neck to reduce the pain just like what I did to my horrible headache. After that, she did not complain about her headache and neck pain much anymore.

Then one night, around 2 clock in the morning, she came to me and said she wanted me to sleep with her. So I slept in the outside of her bed and she slept in inside of her bed. While sleeping outside of her bed, I began to feel the cold wind blowing on my head from the window. In the beginning, I tried to ignore that cold wind, but very soon this cold wind made my head feel so cold so I had to stand up to rearrange curtain to cover the windy area. Windows are sealed but obviously not perfectly sealed, there is still little wind coming into room. I could feel it while my head was close to the window, especially when the temperature outside is around minus 10 or even lower degrees.

At that time, I did not connect this cold wind with my daughter’s headache and neck pain. It was after quite a few years learning TCM, then I realized that why my daughter had headache and neck pain while she was sleeping in that room. The cold wind is the only cause to her headache and neck pain. Understanding this, I did something again to her head and neck even though she had not complained about her headache for long. While I was pushing these points connected to wind attacking on her head, she was screaming because of the pain caused by massaging, which is the sign to show that a lot of cold wind stayed in her head still.

According to TCM, the cold wind is very bad to human body. The worst is that you have cold wind blowing on you while you are sleeping, which could interfere body’s function very much. Because during sleeping time, our body energy is dealing with internal maintaining, there is no external protection available, which is why our body is so easy to get hurt from the cold wind even though it is mild.

With this experience, once one of my friends P talked to me about her son’s headache, I thought about the cold wind attacking her son’s head at once. She took her son to family doctor and doctor did not find anything that they could explain why the boy had headache. When P told me this, the first thing I asked her was the arrangement of her boy’s bed room. Knowing that her boy’s headache was caused by the cold wind from the window, I just let P do something on her boy’s head. Her boy’s headache will be gone soon, which I am very sure about it as I know the bottom reason of her boy’s headache.

According to TCM, the five natural phenomena in the universe can cause health problems. These five natural phenomena are wind, cold, wet, dry and heat. Cold wind is the worst one to human body. The great part is that in some of meridians, there are points that deal with different health problems, such as wind, cold attacking to our body. When massaging relevant points of meridians, we can help our body to feel better.

Experience of the cold 2

When my daughter began to have period, I told her not to drink cold or eat ice-cream during those days, which could cause problems.

However, I was not so sure whether she listened to me or not. Once I asked her if she did drink some thing cold while she was having period. The following is what she said to me.

In the beginning, she did as she was told by me, not drinking something cold during those days. Later she was wondering if her friends did the same thing as she did. Her friends did not understand what she was talking about when she asked them about it. After my daughter explained furthermore, her friends got the point and said to my daughter they did not do anything differently during those days. Hearing this, my daughter drank the cold water when having period. Soon after that, she began to have stomachache. Then she realized why I told her not to drink cold during those days.

Most of my daughter’s classmates have painkiller in their schoolbags to stop the pain caused by the period.

Why do you have the pain when having period? Because body is trying so hard to take away the waste stuck in the womb where it is so cold. Blood flows better in a warm condition than in a colder condition, which we all know. It is just this hard-taking away the waste that causes the pain. Anyway, painkiller does not stop the pain, just numbs your nerve.

Our great body 6

My third brother was a conventional medicine doctor. Year 2006, I visited him. When seeing him eat a lot of fat of lamb, I asked him if he was worried about his blood fat. He was smiling and told me that he just got it checked. Blood fat level was very normal unlike my sister’s.

My sister’s blood fat level was high. As long as eating some meat for two meals, she will feel dizzy. In that case she has to be very careful with her food. My third brother was also very proud to tell me that his health was very good since for a few years he had not had a cold or fever even though he had to get along with patients so closely every day in his private clinic.

At that time, I did believe that he was strong enough while he was telling me about his health state.

In the beginning of year 2007, he was sick and could not get well with his own treatment. Later he was found out with blood cancer. He felt so bad and looked very bad as well. Anyway he could manage to go to a blood sickness treatment center in a big city, Tianjing China. After finishing all related tests, in the morning the next day he began to have the Chemotherapy treatment. In the afternoon the following day, his wife was informed by doctor that she should prepare herself. The Chemotherapy treatment was terminated. From the beginning of Chemotherapy treatment till his death, it was less than three days. He was only 49 years old.

While his body was cremated, cremation worker later talked to my nephew and asked my nephew what my third died of (In China, it is common to ask that). Then the cremation worker said that it was not my third brother’s time to be dead yet. My nephew asked him why he thought so. The worker explained that the liquid from burning his body was still yellow, which meant that his body still had chance to be alive, still manageable. When a person’s live comes to an end, liquid from the burning body should be grey.

Today, when looking back, I think at that time when he was found out with blood cancer, his body energy was so low; his body was so exhausted. Under this circumstance, he was treated with Chemotherapy. It is just like you gave a very good beating to an exhausted man and expected he could work properly. How cruel it is to treat our body this way. The consequence is not hard to imagine.

Own experience about the cold

16 years ago, I began to have a lot of health problems. In order to get better, I thought I should do something.

Scientific report said it is good to eat more fruit. So everyday I would make a fruit salad to eat. After two weeks, Good effect did not show and I found that my urine was getting less and less, at the same time my upper eyelids were more swollen.

However, I did not know it was because of the fruit I ate every day. Later for certain reason, I had not eaten the fruit salad for some time and then my urine was getting more, upper eyelids were less swollen. I thought over what I had done the passed days. Except for not eating fruit salad, nothing had been done differently.

This made me think a lot.

In order to prove it was the fruit salad that made my urine less and eyelid swollen more, I tried to eat fruit salad again.

It showed the same result. This phenomenon has been noticed, but I did not know the reason why it is like that. Since then so-called scientific reports lost my trust in their research about human health.

It took me nearly 15 years to understand the reason why fruit salad made my urine less and upper eyelids more swollen.

Firstly, those fruit was kept in refrigerate. Secondly, at that time, my body energy level was very low. It consumed a lot of body energy to warm up the cold fruit. After that, my body just had not enough energy to do other jobs, like urine, upper eyelids.

Pay close attention to your body, you would find the same result, I am 100 % sure.

Body temperature 2

Every one knows that blood runs better in a warm state. When our body temperature can not come to normal 36 degrees, blood should not run so well as it is in the environment with 36 degrees.

At the same time, think that our blood vessels are full of the waste from metabolism that body could not handle. Imagine consequence of this.

Scientists are trying to tell you what is so-called good fat and what is so-called unhealthy fat. What they can not tell you is that no matter what kind of fat it is, with low body temperature and low body energy, the fat just stays all over your body.

When being young, I stayed in China. At that time, we did not have washing liquid to dissolve fat used in cooking. My mother used to cook water so that it was warm enough to wash away the fat remained in plates and bowls.

A lot of people do not understand why Chinese people would like to drink hot water because they want to save body energy for warming up the cold, which is the reason.

However, today’s young Chinese, they adjust their lifestyle to the way of western so all the sicknesses they have are similar with western.

You might think what I write is ridiculous, just try to drink or eat warm in a week and see how your dear body reacts.

Temperature of our body is important 1

Normal body temperature should be around 36 degrees, but we drink so much cold water, beer and have a lot of food taken from refrigerate directly. The temperature of the food from refrigerate should be around 10 degrees.

It takes so much body energy to warm up this cold food and drink. They do not get warmed up directly. The energy your body can produce in a day is limited. The more cold you have had, the more energy your body has to consume to warm up the cold in-takings so that in taking cold could come to the body temperature.

When your body uses much energy to warm up the cold, the job for other body function remains undone, for instance, to take away the waste. The waste of metabolism covers the whole body, not only is the waste in stomach system and bladder, but there is more all over body.

This remained waste causes so much trouble for our body to handle, but our body has not energy anymore, which leads to so many health problems.

You might not think so, just do a little test.
Prepare two cups of water, one 10 degrees, other 36 degrees, then wash two plates with some butter on with these two cups of water and see the difference between them.

A story from a friend

My friend’s friend was so desperate to have a child. But she could not get pregnant through natural way. The couple went to do IVF. They had tried a few times, still nothing happened.

For the last hope, they came to seek some help from a Chinese doctor. The doctor knew that it is hard for white people to drink the extract of different herbs due to the taste. So he suggested the lady to consume only something warm, not cold food, not cold drinks and not even cold fruit. She could eat cooked fruit if she really wants to have fruit. In five years, she should be able to get pregnant naturally.

Because she was so desperate to have a child and the other ways failed, the lady did strictly as she was told by the Chinese doctor. Two years later, she was pregnant naturally.

Know your body 5: to test the body temperature

The normal body temperature is around 36 degrees. Let us wonder whether each part of our body can reach this temperature or not.

The simple way to do this is to put your tongue over your hand and then feel how it is like. After this, you put your hand into some water with 36 degrees and then feel. You would find that water with 36 degrees is warmer than your tongue. Based on this, it is not so hard to draw a conclusion. It is not each part of our body that can reach normal temperature.

I am talking about lower temperature than 36 degrees.

So many people suffer from cold hands and feet. Obviously, their hands and feet cannot reach the body temperature.

However,Some of them can feel the coldness of their hands and feet. The others do not feel cold at all. Those who could not feel the coldness in their hands and feet are in bad health situation.

To warm up your cold hands and feet, you have to take care of your stomach system. Our body temperature comes from our stomach.