Body temperature 2

Every one knows that blood runs better in a warm state. When our body temperature can not come to normal 36 degrees, blood should not run so well as it is in the environment with 36 degrees.

At the same time, think that our blood vessels are full of the waste from metabolism that body could not handle. Imagine consequence of this.

Scientists are trying to tell you what is so-called good fat and what is so-called unhealthy fat. What they can not tell you is that no matter what kind of fat it is, with low body temperature and low body energy, the fat just stays all over your body.

When being young, I stayed in China. At that time, we did not have washing liquid to dissolve fat used in cooking. My mother used to cook water so that it was warm enough to wash away the fat remained in plates and bowls.

A lot of people do not understand why Chinese people would like to drink hot water because they want to save body energy for warming up the cold, which is the reason.

However, today’s young Chinese, they adjust their lifestyle to the way of western so all the sicknesses they have are similar with western.

You might think what I write is ridiculous, just try to drink or eat warm in a week and see how your dear body reacts.

Temperature of our body is important 1

Normal body temperature should be around 36 degrees, but we drink so much cold water, beer and have a lot of food taken from refrigerate directly. The temperature of the food from refrigerate should be around 10 degrees.

It takes so much body energy to warm up this cold food and drink. They do not get warmed up directly. The energy your body can produce in a day is limited. The more cold you have had, the more energy your body has to consume to warm up the cold in-takings so that in taking cold could come to the body temperature.

When your body uses much energy to warm up the cold, the job for other body function remains undone, for instance, to take away the waste. The waste of metabolism covers the whole body, not only is the waste in stomach system and bladder, but there is more all over body.

This remained waste causes so much trouble for our body to handle, but our body has not energy anymore, which leads to so many health problems.

You might not think so, just do a little test.
Prepare two cups of water, one 10 degrees, other 36 degrees, then wash two plates with some butter on with these two cups of water and see the difference between them.