Own experience about the cold

16 years ago, I began to have a lot of health problems. In order to get better, I thought I should do something.

Scientific report said it is good to eat more fruit. So everyday I would make a fruit salad to eat. After two weeks, Good effect did not show and I found that my urine was getting less and less, at the same time my upper eyelids were more swollen.

However, I did not know it was because of the fruit I ate every day. Later for certain reason, I had not eaten the fruit salad for some time and then my urine was getting more, upper eyelids were less swollen. I thought over what I had done the passed days. Except for not eating fruit salad, nothing had been done differently.

This made me think a lot.

In order to prove it was the fruit salad that made my urine less and eyelid swollen more, I tried to eat fruit salad again.

It showed the same result. This phenomenon has been noticed, but I did not know the reason why it is like that. Since then so-called scientific reports lost my trust in their research about human health.

It took me nearly 15 years to understand the reason why fruit salad made my urine less and upper eyelids more swollen.

Firstly, those fruit was kept in refrigerate. Secondly, at that time, my body energy level was very low. It consumed a lot of body energy to warm up the cold fruit. After that, my body just had not enough energy to do other jobs, like urine, upper eyelids.

Pay close attention to your body, you would find the same result, I am 100 % sure.