Depression is related with heart. In another word, if your heart does not feel good, then it is easy for you to feel depressed.

One easy way to check: lie down on your back and draw a line between your two nipples and then find the middle point. Massage the middle point, you should feel pain there.

The other way to check is to massage your under arms, you will also feel pain.

Spring is coming. A lot of people will feel bad, feel depressed.

A lovely news

October 2014, I went to visit a fried in China. She has a daughter who was 15 years old. Every morning the girl looked so unhappy, but in the afternoon, she was okay.

Later I have talked to the girl and gave her some ideas about how to take care of herself and she was fascinated with what I said about health and would like to try as I told her.

Today, I talked to my friend on phone and asked her about her daughter. My friend said that her daughter is in very good mood in the morning now and loses some weight while she did not control her food in taking at all.

What I asked her to do is just to go to sleep before ten clock in the evening and take care of one meridian.

Could it be difficult? Isn’t it a lovely news?