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Depression is related with heart. In another word, if your heart does not feel good, then it is easy for you to feel depressed. One easy way to check: lie down on your back and draw a line between your two nipples and then find the middle point. Massage the middle point, you should feel
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Sleeping disorder 2

So many people suffer from sleeping disorder. There are some ways to find out what it is the problem for you to have sleeping disorder. If it is very hard for you to go to sleep, your sleeping disorder is caused by your stomach problem. You can go to sleep, but you wake up in
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Sleeping disorder 1

Stomach problem is the bottom reason why you cannot sleep or sleep well. However, you do not feel anything about your stomach. You think your stomach is totally okay because you can eat anything, drink anything. In a word, you seldom have stomach problem, which is just the big problem. A lot of people are
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