Be healthy through knowing your body

No any expert, professor or doctor can explain exactly how our body heals a wound but our body must know exactly the way she heals a wound.

Normally when it takes long time for our body to heal a wound, there must be a difficult sickness behind and it takes time to find out. This is what we know. What we do not know is why it is like that.

Look at the picture above, what fantastic human body can do is beyond our imagination, but what we know about her is very limited.

We are all so different from each other.To understand special you, you have to work on your special body. No one can know your body better than yourself. What you need is just to pay attention to your body daily. Then you will know your body better and you gain some knowledge about human body. This knowledge can help you to be healthy in a right way.

Our great body 9

My sister in law used to be a farmer. In north part of China, one year, there is only one harvest. For the farmers, the mainly hard work begins from April till middle of September and then left part of the year is the holidays for them.

She was always complaining that she had poor fortunate based on that as long as she began to have holidays during the late autumn and winter, some health problems appear so that she could not enjoy herself but to stay at bed or go to see doctors. However, in spring or summer, while doing hard farming working, she was totally okay even though that work is so hard. Her body had not any problems to handle the hard work.

What she did not know is that in spring or summer, her body consumed most of her body energy to do the farming work. There is not much left to do the body maintaining job, like taking care of the health problems. Just when farming working is finished, her body began to look after health issues when her body energy is not consumed so much at the late autumn and winter, which is why she did not feel so well. This discomfort feeling came from the problem solving.

Later in Sweden, my best friend, she is a doctor, a surgeon. During giving births to her two sons, because of the anesthetic she has low back pain. While staying at home, she was complaining all the time about her low back pain.

When she began to work, once I asked her how her low back pain was like. She was smiling and said since she began working, her low back was nearly gone. But it will come back as long as she has a few days holidays at home relaxing, the low back pain will call at her on time.

When working, she is so busy with the operations and this work requires highly concentration. Her body spent her energy to do the job. There is not much left to deal with the low back problem. However, having holidays at home, relaxation does not cost so much energy so that her body has energy to look after the low back problem. The pain is caused by the problem solving.

Another friend began to feel short of air at the age of 42. She explained her short of air. As long as she is moving around, in another word, as long as she is doing something, she does not feel short of air. Only when having nothing to do, she began to have short of air problem. In this case, in order to avoid her short of air problem, she has to make her schedule so full of activities till she is too tired to move, which is the time for her to go to bed.

This energy flowing is more clearly explained how our body consumes our body energy. We also can see certain body discomfort is caused by the problem solving of our body, which is why a lot of people have the experiences that when they have holidays, relaxation, their body shows up some pain or itching.

Please let it be and give your body time to do her job. That is our body doing maintaining job for the better functions.

If the problems can be solved as time goes by by our body, we should not have big health issues. Only when our body seldom has chance to take care of problems, difficult health issues could appear. That is the time when our body is totally blunt, not sensitive any more.

My story 8

Madam Chen was at her sixties. When being 40 years old, she got pregnant and gave birth to her son. Not feeling well in her stomach, she went to see conventional doctor and she was found out that she had stomach cancer.

Because her mother and grandmother in her mother side died of cancer soon after operation, she refused to have operation. However, Chinese medicine doctors did not help her either.

In order to live to see her son grow, she began to help herself. After trying different ways based on TCM, she eventually found the way to save herself. That is meridian massage and sleep before midnight. Not only did she cure her own stomach cancer, she also discovered so much about how our body works, which caught my whole attention.

Meridian massage is something that I am familiar with. It was the second time for me to hear that cancer can be cured through meridian massage. Madam Chen is so confident and so sure about it. But I cannot believe her totally for once. I was wondering and would like to try her way and see whether it is like what she said or not.

I have studied so much and learned so much about human body, but still I felt so much confused, especially about my own health, different phenomena happened to my body after taking the medicine, why? so many questions, and so much confusion. Under this circumstance, I began to try the way that Madam Chen was talking about.

After a few years testing, I want to say that I totally agree with Madam Chen. She is a great lady; she inspired me and enlightened me. Our body is so great and so capable! We mistreat our great body so much!

Today, with my own experiences, I want to tell the world our great body is so much capable and health is in our hands as long as we know our body, which is not hard at all, everybody can do it.

We are the best doctors of ourselves

Who could know our body better than ourselves, doctors? no, they are the persons who can read different kinds of reports. They do not have the chance to know special you and me.

To help our physical problems, we have to know our body well, then we will be the doctors of ourselves. We will be the best doctors of ourselves because who could know our body better than ourselves.

Any sickness has a reason. Bacteria, virus, cell failure could be one of them, definitely not all. If our body is strong enough, bacteria, virus could not defeat our body.

It is our body energy level that decides if we are healthy or not.

Food is the resource of body energy. The problem is if our body can use the food efficiently, but why not?