My story 3

The lump in my right breast made me very nervous, but I did not want to go to conventional medical hospital to have it cut again. Decision was made. That was I would take care of it myself.

By that time, I thought I was good enough to deal with it since I had been studying TCM by my own more than 7 years.

The first thing that I should do according to my understanding at that time was to take some herbs to attack the lump.

Before the lump was found out, I had no any feeling there. After a week having this medicine, I could feel something in my lump area. Occasionally, I felt a little bit pain in the lump as well, but it is very mild.

Yet very soon, I began to be out of breath. It was so tired for me to do something, even the house work I could not manage to do.

Not doing anything differently from normal routine except for the herb medicine, I was wondering if it was because of the medicine that made me feel so exhausted.

To find out if it was due to that, I stopped taking the herb medicine. Then my breath problem was better and my energy seemed to be back again.

But I did not understand why I could not feel anything in my right breast area before my lump was found. I was also wondering why beginning to feel something in lump area with the medicine, I became so deadly tired.

One saying in Chinese medicine helped me work out the reason. This saying is that when you are weak, you cannot attack the lump anymore. Till that moment, I realized I was weak.

Breast lump

Ten years ago, a lump was found in my right breast and I had it cut. Eight years later, by accident, a bigger lump was found nearly in the same place of my right breast.

I did not want to cut it any more, instead, I decided to deal with it myself. Quite a few ways of TCM had been tried and neither of them worked well. Why? I have been wondering about this for a long time until one day I realized that my energy level is something that really matters.

To raise energy level!

When my energy level was getting better, I began to feel something in the lump area, which explained why I had not felt anything before until it became so big and was found out by an accident. I could feel something based on that my energy was strong enough to go there.

On the contrary, I had not felt anything before because my energy was so weak to let me know any feeling.

Energy is the key issue of health.