My story 2

2008, I opened my own business to do the meridian massage and health consult based on TCM.

It was during this period of time that I realized how great meridians massage is because I have seen such a good effect on my customers.

Before my company began, I was thinking that my customer should be those who do not feel well, but conventional medicine could not find anything wrong with them. In that case, I should be able to help them to get better.

As a matter of fact, most of my customers have quite serious sicknesses with them. They are fibromyalgia, RA, heart problem, pain in back and pain in feet, depression, and blood in bowls etc.

For me, it was not so sure whether I could help them or not. Since they came to me, I would like to try.

Later it showed that as long as my customers came to me a few times, they would have very good effect.

One lady had blood in her bowel and would like to have some help. I did the 12 meridians massage; at the same time, gave her a suggestion to eat something special. The next time, she came to me to thank me as there was no blood in her bowel anymore. I was so sure that her problem was still there, but her body got a little help and reacted so well.

This is our great body! Only getting help once, she repays so well.

This is just one of examples and I did not exaggerate it at all.

In order that my customers have good result, I did suggest them to come back more times to get better, but they had thought I wanted to make more money. Actually, they did not have much money since they live on sick pension. In Sweden, it is nearly free to go to doctors.

I did not feel so good about how my customers think of me. Meanwhile, the lump in my right breast was found by accident.

With these two reasons, my company was closed. However, I do remember how disappointed they are at conventional medicine and how much pain they suffered.

They did try to do something good to their health based on the scientific research. According to them, they eat only white meat, a lot of fruit and drink a lot of water.

Why did they do not get better of that? But I could see the good effect on them after the meridian massage.

Our great body 2

How can we help our body to keep health, at least before it is too late.

To do that, we have to know how our body works.

The followings are some tips to show you how our body works.

It is totally different from the explanation of conventional medicine, but you will feel it if you do pay some attention to your body. I am saying this here because I have experienced.

There are 12 meridians in our body that cover the whole body. These meridians are in charge of transporting body energy to different parts of body so that our body parts have energy (like petrol) to function well.

When we are young, our meridians are not blockade, which is why we are so energetic; in another word, health is in a good state. When we are tired, sleeping help us to get recovered quickly at younger age.

As we are getting older, some parts in different meridians get blockade, which leads to that these parts of our body cannot have enough energy to function. Without energy, these parts will be weak.

To know your heart meridian:
Lift up your left arm and then feel the area close to your armpit; push a little harder.

If you feel pain when pushing, it tells you that your heart meridian is not through well. If you do not feel pain when pushing, your heart meridian is okay.

The persons who have heart problems should have very bad pain along your lower part of your left arm.

However, if your heart problem is getting very bad, when pushing heart meridian, you do not feel anything anymore because your body is too blunt to feel anything.