My story 7

Not long after that, I began to feel hot and then sweating of my upper body. Sometimes, when sweating came, I could feel the cold air in my face. In the beginning, I thought there was some cold air nearby. When I checked around, there was not cold air blowing at all. I was at home, it was winter and all the windows and doors were closed. Why do I feel cold air blowing? I was lost again.

I am not a person who is easy to have sweating.Why do I have so much sweating? I do not understand.

Anyway, not feeling much in my lump area with the extract of herbs mixture, so much sweating appearing, I was confused once again. In this case, I stopped the herbs medicine treatment.

During the herbs medicine treatment, breath problem and the tiredness of my body did not show up this time. The purpose of this herbs mixture was not to try to solve some body problems, just help body.

Feeling cold, spitting up liquid and other body feelings took place, why? Is it because my body began to deal with the health problems with the help of the herbs? I was not so sure by that time. Anyhow, sweating made me feel uncomfortable and I need to find out the explanation of all.

Thanks to my Chinese background again, I could always find some books through web to give me an answer that I was looking for.

The cold feeling in my body is because my sense is back. My body began to be sensitive again with the help of herbs based on that mixture of herbs is supposed to warm up body. Spitting out liquid is that my body was trying throwing out cold liquid collected in my body. Those other feelings during having these herbs mixture were caused while my body was solving problems. Sweating is the way for my body to drive away the cold and wind collected in my body, which is why I could feel the cold air blowing while I was sweating.

When I stopped taking the herbs mixture, these kinds of feelings lasted a few days more, and then it was gone.

Understanding why my body reacted like what I had experienced, I was wondering whether I should keep on the herbs mixture or not.

During this period of time, I began to read some reports from Madam Chen. It was this Madam who inspired me most.

Know your body 3: physical problems

If eating something bad, you have a bad stomach. And you have a cold or fever a few times in a year, which mean that you are relatively healthy.

It costs a lot of body energy to drive something bad away from our body—have bad stomach. It even takes more body energy to have a fever or a cold. That is why we normally feel so tired to have a bad stomach, a cold or a fever because body energy is used to driving away the bad thing.

When eating something bad, we have diarrhea. Diarrhea is something that body is driving something bad out of our body. When catching a cold, we have running nose. The running nose is something that body is doing to drive the cold away. If bacteria and virus are in our body, our body raises up temperature to kill the bacteria and virus.

However, a lot of people do not have a bad stomach, a cold , or a fever. Why? because their body do not have the energy to do the job.

To keep health is our body’s job. When our body cannot do this job , there is only one explanation, no energy.

Those who have difficult sickness normally have not had a bad stomach, a cold or a fever for a long time.

So it is not because you have difficult sickness and then your health is getting worse. On the contrary, it is because you have been having poor health for a long time, and then you have difficult sickness.