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Experience of the cold 2

When my daughter began to have period, I told her not to drink cold or eat ice-cream during those days, which could cause problems. However, I was not so sure whether she listened to me or not. Once I asked her if she did drink some thing cold while she was having period. The following
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Body temperature 2

Every one knows that blood runs better in a warm state. When our body temperature can not come to normal 36 degrees, blood should not run so well as it is in the environment with 36 degrees. At the same time, think that our blood vessels are full of the waste from metabolism that body
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Temperature of our body is important 1

Normal body temperature should be around 36 degrees, but we drink so much cold water, beer and have a lot of food taken from refrigerate directly. The temperature of the food from refrigerate should be around 10 degrees. It takes so much body energy to warm up this cold food and drink. They do not
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