High blood pressure

Why do we have high blood pressure?

Our body functions in blood. When some parts of our body are short of blood, our heart has to raise the pressure to transport blood to the parts where there is short of blood. So high blood pressure is the effective way for our body to transport blood to all our body parts.

High blood pressure has risks if there is something suddenly happens to the person who has high blood pressure.

If this pressure has been pushed down with pills, it is not hard to think what could happen for our body parts where more blood is needed.

However, both ways have positive and negative parts, which is the best?

About bodycure

I am so much interested in how human body works. With this interest and the help of TCM, I have found the great potential of our body, much more intelligent than the collection of big brains in the whole world. Help those who are struggling with their health problems, which is my mission in this life time.
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