My Story 1


We, my family (husband and my daughter) moved to Sweden from Melbourn Australia. Since then, we settle down in Sweden.

I was a teacher of English in China. In Sweden, I have studied Science of public health in college.

The last year of the college, in Karolinska Institute, a famous medical institute in the world, I have studied a course named Human Disorders. It was just this course that made me turn to TCM totally.

This course is talking about more than 700 hundreds sicknesses. More than 90 percent of them could not be found out the cause. The causes that conventional medicine can know are bacteria, virus, inflammation and cancer.

If we ask further questions, for instance why inflammation and cancer take place, the answer is not sure.However, TCM has explanation of all sicknesses. At the bottom of all causes of sicknesses, it is our body’s internal environment that is getting worse.

By that time, I was so much interested in TCM and got help a lot for my own health and my daughter’s as well.


I went back to Beijing China to learn meridians massage. One lady who had studied meridians massage in the same school gave us a lecture. She was talking about how to treat cancer patients with meridians massage. I was so shocked to hear that.


I opened my own business to do the meridian massage and health consult based on TCM. It was during this period of time that I realized how great meridians massage is because I have seen such a good effect on my customers.
Before my company began, I was thinking that my customer should be those who do not feel well, but conventional medicine could not find anything wrong with them. In that case, I should be able to help them to get better.

As a matter of fact, most of my customers have quite serious sicknesses with them. They are fibromyalgia, RA, heart problem, pain in back and pain in feet, depression, and blood in bowls etc.

For me, it was not so sure whether I could help them or not. Since they came to me, I would like to try. Later it showed that as long as my customers came to me a few times, they would have very good effect.

One lady had blood in her bowel and would like to have some help. I did the 12 meridians massage; at the same time, gave her a suggestion to eat something special. The next time, she came to me to thank me as there was no blood in her bowel anymore. I was so sure that her problem was still there, but her body got a little help and reacted so well.

This is our great body! Only getting help once, she repays so well.

This is just one of examples and I did not exaggerate it at all.

In order that my customers have good result, I did suggest them to come back more times to get better, but they had thought I wanted to make more money. Actually, they did not have much money since they live on sick pension. In Sweden, it is nearly free to go to doctors.

I did not feel so good about how my customers think of me. Meanwhile, the lump in my right breast was found by accident.
With these two reasons, my company was closed. However, I do remember how disappointed they are at conventional medicine and how much pain they suffered.

They did try to do something good to their health based on the scientific research. According to them, they eat only white meat, a lot of fruit and drink a lot of water.

Why did they do not get better of that? But I could see the good effect on them after the meridian massage.

My Breast Lump

The lump in my right breast made me very nervous, but I did not want to go to conventional medical hospital to have it cut again. Decision was made. That was I would take care of it myself.

By that time, I thought I was good enough to deal with it since I had been studying TCM by my own more than 7 years.The first thing that I should do according to my understanding at that time was to take some herbs to attack the lump.

Before the lump was found out, I had no any feeling there. After a week having this medicine, I could feel something in my lump area. Occasionally, I felt a little bit pain in the lump as well, but it is very mild. Yet very soon, I began to be out of breath. It was so tired for me to do something, even the house work I could not manage to do.

Not doing anything differently from normal routine except for the herb medicine, I was wondering if it was because of the medicine that made me feel so exhausted. To find out if it was due to that, I stopped taking the herb medicine. Then my breath problem was better and my energy seemed to be back again.

But I did not understand why I could not feel anything in my right breast area before my lump was found. I was also wondering why beginning to feel something in lump area with the medicine, I became so deadly tired.

One saying in Chinese medicine helped me work out the reason. This saying is that when you are weak, you cannot attack the lump anymore. Till that moment, I realized I was weak.

About bodycure

I am so much interested in how human body works. With this interest and the help of TCM, I have found the great potential of our body, much more intelligent than the collection of big brains in the whole world. Help those who are struggling with their health problems, which is my mission in this life time.
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