A half doctor—My Father

My father’s work actually was welding, but since knowing acupuncture, he used to help village mates with his acupuncture a lot when he was in his thirties and forties( it should be around late 50ties and early 70ties), which is why people in that village called him half doctor.

Because at that time, China was in such a poor condition, nearly shortage of everything, especially in countryside, my father’s acupuncture did help a lot.

I still remember my father took out his little yellow box with acupuncture pins in a hurry and went away with a person who came to my family to ask for my father’s help at middle of night.

It was many years later after we moved away from that village; one of the village mates came to visit my parents and she was talking about that my father saved quite a few people’s life in that village. Most of them were women after giving birth.

We lived in northern part of China. There used to be a big bed made of mud and bricks and this big bed had tunnels under and these tunnels were connected with stove. This big bed is called Kang. Because being connected with stove, it was warm to lie down on it.

This old lady was saying that normally on a Kang, you could often see a new born crying baby, the unconscious woman who just gave birth, my father who was squatted on the Kang, doing acupuncture on this unconscious woman and other worried family members.

The great part was that no one died in my father’s hand. All those unconscious women were saved with my father’s pins.

My father used to say that acupuncture was not that complicated, but what you have to know is how to take care of the dangerous situation. What this dangerous situation was that the person who had pins on his or her body got fainted.

He became good at acupuncture because one of his uncles was very good at acupuncture so he learned from his uncle. To learn acupuncture, you had to be good at different points in human body. There are 365 points in our body. You do not need remember all of those, but some crucial ones you have to remember.

In order to let people keep in mind easily, these points were organized into different groups. Some group is in charge of the problems in stomach system and some group can take care of the pain in back and so on. The basic things you have to do are to remember these rules and at the same time, you have to know where these crucial points are. Of course you have to be able to find them as well.

I guess that my father’s uncle asked him to recite those rules first and then let him to find those points in body. After that, being brave enough, he could put a pin on a body.

When we were small,if we got a a cold or flu, my father used to take out pin package, let out some blood in our fingers, three fingers in each hand and then massaged our arms a little bit. After that, let us sleep. Normally, we got recovered after good rest. I still remember that I began to cry as long as I saw my father take out that pin package.

My father was a vegetarian. In the beginning, he was not a vegetarian. When he was small, he got skin problem and it got worse and worse. His parents took him to different Chinese doctors but the problems could not be solved so later his mother took him to a temple to seek help as his mother was a pious Buddhism. In this temple, a monk told his mother that he should be a vegetarian.

Since then he became a vegetarian and soon his skin problem was gone. My mother used to complain a lot about my father’s food because she had to cook special for him.

During the Chinese culture revolution, he got a lot of troubles as a vegetarian. One of the aims during Chinese culture revolution was against any religions. In my father’s factory, they thought he was Buddhism even though he had explained to them again and again that he was vegetarian because of his health state and it was not because he was Buddhism.

However, they did not believe him and they wanted to try whether what my father had said was true so they cooked lamb meat and let my father eat.

As the only bread maker at home( five children), facing the violent treatment, he gave in. He ate the lamb with tears in his eyes. Soon after that, he threw out all the meat he ate and had diarre. Seeing this reaction of his body, they finally believed that his body could not handle the meat and left him alone eventually.

Before he was seventies, I could not remember he had ever been in hospital.

In Inner Mongolian, there is one saying that you should not do something irregular during the middle day between clock 12 :00 to 14:00 in summer since it is very hot and dry.Your body might not be able to handle the situation that is not regular.

At the age of 74, he had an argument with my first brother and then went home by bike around clock 13:00 in noon while temperature was 38 degrees and it was very dry summer. He was tired and angry. As soon as being home, he laid down instantly.

When waking up, he could not move his right part of body any more. So he was taken to my third brother’s clinic at once to have some treatment. By that time, my sister was with my third brother to have some treatment as well based on her poor health.

My third brother said my father’s blood vessel was so soft, nearly as good as young people under 25 years old while my sister’s blood vessel was so hard. She had so called absolute good nutrition in her diet.

My father did get better and he could feel his right part of body and he could move his right part of body as well soon. The problem is that he began to feel his right part of body cold all the time since the stroke. My third brother gave him a lot of advanced conventional medicine to help his blocked blood vessel to get through, it just did not work. Even in hot summer, he felt his half body cold.

This problem had lasted for one or two years. Later, my nephews’ uncle knew some Chinese medicine and suggested my father to have a certain ready made Chinese medicine. This herb ready made medicine is supposed to help stomach system to function better. After he had taken this medicine for two months, my father’s half body coldness feeling was gone eventually.

The last year of his life, he woke up in the morning and then he moved his arms front to back and then left and right. He said that he felt better by doing this. Doctor once told him that his nutrition was so poor and suggested him to eat egg or drink some milk. He did try to drink milk. Very soon he gave up. His stomach felt very uncomfortable with milk.

At age of 86 years old, my father passed away. He had stayed in bed just 11 days before he died. Only once, my first brother had to help him to go to toilet. Otherwise he himself could manage to do. And he was not found anything wrong with his body through the conventional medical equipment.

He was a peaceful man and seldom got angry in my memory. It was my third brother’s death that made him very down. Apart from that, he was cheated when he tried to do some business at early 2000ties, which crumpled him up. Otherwise, I definitely believe he could live to more than 90 years old healthily.

He used o to say that he did not care how he was born but he did wish he could die easily. Dying easily means that he had not suffered much before he died. And he got what he wished.

Remembrance of my father

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