We are lucky to be sick

15 years ago, I read an article written by a person who is from Taiwan. The title is:You are lucky to be sick.

Her idea is based on Buddhism,which means that when a person is sick, it is time for him to pay the price for those bad behaviors he had done. The more often he could be sick, the more he has paid for. Then later life will not be that hard because he has less “debt”.

In China, there is one saying: if a person is easy to be sick, he has less possibility to be sick heavily.

We often heard that someone was found out with cancer but he was so healthy and seldom got sick before. Is he really that healthy or his immune system just does not work anymore. The truth is his immune system was not working for long. The reason for his immune system was not working is that his body energy was too low to support his immune system.

However, those who are easy to be sick are relatively healthy because their immune system is still working. We have running nose when having a cold and we have diarrhea when eating something bad.

Those who seldom have cold or flu or diarrhea are the people who have high risk for heavy sickness later.

So we lucky to be sick often.

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I am so much interested in how human body works. With this interest and the help of TCM, I have found the great potential of our body, much more intelligent than the collection of big brains in the whole world. Help those who are struggling with their health problems, which is my mission in this life time.
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