More sick, smarter for a child

A child who gets sick often is normal.

In China, there is one saying about children’s health. That is if a child does not have small sicknesses, like catching a cold, stomach problems or a fever, this kind of normal sicknesses, this child will have a big health issue later in life.

My second brother’s son had not been sick since he was born until he was 16 months old. At that time, there was not children health control in China at all. But when being 16 months old, the boy began to cough and he was found out that there was a big hole in his heart. Two months later, he died.

Except for that he had never been sick before the last cough; the other thing that my brother noticed him was that his son did not play so much. It seemed that he had no interest in playing.

Children are small but their immune system is strong, very alert to anything that attacks their body, which is why we often see children are the first group who begin to have flu and they are so easy to get a cold and a fever. If they eat something unclean, their body reacts very soon.

People think that they are weak. Physical, they are weak, but their immune system works so well, which is why they are so easy to get sick.

On the contrary those children who have big health issues do not get sick often because their body is not strong enough to fight, which is the potential risk for heavy sickness in later life.

About bodycure

I am so much interested in how human body works. With this interest and the help of TCM, I have found the great potential of our body, much more intelligent than the collection of big brains in the whole world. Help those who are struggling with their health problems, which is my mission in this life time.
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