Corona Virus- self help

Now people all around the world are worrying about the corona virus so much. We try to do our best to keep away from it but it is hard to say who could get it or who could not get it.

However, we can do something to help our body to fight with it. Of course if you would like to do something.

The followings are the things we can do to assist our body in my opinion.

Eat less greasy food as much as possible to reduce the working load of our stomach.

Eat warm food and drink less cold to save body energy. The body energy is the crucial thing for us to live on.

Sleep early and have more rest. If you are tired, just take a break.
If you feel cold, put a hot bottle over your stomach.

If you have dry cough, put a hot bottle over your chest or upper back and see whether it helps.

The best wishes

About bodycure

I am so much interested in how human body works. With this interest and the help of TCM, I have found the great potential of our body, much more intelligent than the collection of big brains in the whole world. Help those who are struggling with their health problems, which is my mission in this life time.
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