Studying in college, 1986 China.

I was born in China and grew up there, worked as a teacher of English in China, bachelor of social science. Married to an Australian and have lived in Australian for more than two years. Traveled to USA, China, Sweden with my husband who has worked in those countries, later settled down in Sweden since.

Due to my own healthy problems, I began to be interested in medicine. In the beginning, conventional medicine has been paid a lot of attention on. When finding out that it could not help me, I tried to read about TCM because of my Chinese background. With the help of Chinese herbs, my dry skin, urinate infection, dry right eye are much better, which encouraged me to keep on studying TCM since I still felt out of breath often and my stomach could not digest milk products, beans, eggs and so on.

15 years have passed. It was not an easy journey. From reading piles of piles of books to study the knowledge of TCM to working on my own body, the turning point was that 2007 I went to China to study Chinese massage.

Chinese massage works on meridians directly. According to Chinese massage, we have health problems because our meridians have been blocked. The more our meridians have been blocked, the worse our health problems would be. To get recovered, we have to help our meridians to be in a good state.

It was October when I went back to Beijing 2007. For more than one week I still could not get rid of the jet lag. Then one of my new classmates gave me a massage on my back, after that I began to be able to sleep. I was so amazed at that. Frankly speaking, in the beginning I was not so willing to study the meridians.

For two months, we had to study 12 meridians and their functions; most of all, how these 12 meridians work and how we know they have problems. When different meridians have problem, how our body reacts and so on.

It was there that for the first time I heard blocked meridians can cause different kinds of health problems, including cancer.

The next year, 2008, I opened my company to do the Chinese massage. I had thought I could do much to help people to improve their health.

The great parts were that through meridians massage many of my customer’s health had been improved, including allergy, fibromyalgia, RA, mood swings, hard to sleep and poor sleeping etc. I was so glad that I did help them, but I know that if they do not have massages more and then their health will go back to the original state again.

When suggesting to my customers to come back more to get more help, I thought they suspected that I tried to make more money through my service. I did want to make more money; the foundation for me to have profit was to help my customer first.

After 10 years practicing on my own body through massaging and other handy way to look after myself, now I am strong enough to tell others to help them with different kinds of health difficulties, which is not that hard at all.

The only thing we need more is the time because it takes time for our health to be like today’s us and it also takes time to improve our health.

So it is a wise way to learn how to take care of our own health. It is the solid knowledge that no one can take away from you and this knowledge will benefit you and your while family, even your later generations.

While working in Sweden, I saw so many of my colleges suffer from different physical problems and what they do is to just passively wait for doctor to give them some pills to get rid of the symptoms.

These pills might take away the pains, but numb your nerves, which could bring you heavy sickness in your later lives.

When studying Philosophy of medicine science in Sweden, I know how big proportion of population in developed countries has struggled with their health issues. Most of these health problems cannot get medical help.

Today I can loudly say we can help ourselves to overcome heaps of heaps of physical difficulties through some simple ways. If I can do it, everyone can do it as well.

As a matter of fact, we can do a lot to help our body to feel good with quite a few simple ways. These ways are not hard to learn and not hard to do as well. As long as you do for a few days, your body will react and then you will begin the journey to communicate with your body, which will fascinate you, convince you and ensure you that you can help yourself to improve your health state. This is my business.

From my own experiences, a lot of the mental problems were caused by physical problems. If I could make my urinate infection, dry skin, dry eye, mood swing, hard to sleep, back pain, heel pain, allergy to milk products and beans gone, so can you.

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